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What is good content? Summary of thoughts of the five major media

” Content era of the King”, “high-quality content to continue to make a” home page has been the best means for growing. But what exactly does “quality content ” mean here ? All the answers are in the guidelines for webmasters published by Google . However, since there are many volumes and a lot of complicated descriptions, there are many parts that are difficult for general Web personnel to understand. This time, I picked up media […]

Guidelines for Google Webmasters All 34 items Supplementary information summary

The SEO industry has been in a radical change since 2012 . Recently, panda updates and penguins updates have been updated in quick succession.With these updates, we’ve become more scrutinized for violations called spam, and we’re even closer to Google’s tendency to display useful search results for its users . Even though the operator himself was not malicious, there are many cases in which the penalty and ranking have dropped due to […]

Cases of canceling Google penalties, 2 cases where unexpected causes were found

As a measure to attract customers , I think there are people who are not aware of SEO . At that time, Google the web master tool ( Google Search Console use), the home page is essential to understand the context in which it is searching for. But what if the webmaster tools ( Google Search Console ) get a warning ? In fact, in the last few years, there have been a lot of cases where Google has […]