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What is Google Advertising Certification? Explain the merits and acquisition method

As the number of companies operating web advertising is increasing, the qualification that is currently attracting attention is the ” Google Advertising Certification” . Although it is less well known than qualifications such as bookkeeping and TOEIC, it is a highly regarded qualification in the web advertising industry . In this article, we will give you an overview of Google Ads certification and the benefits of acquiring it. What is Google Ads Certification? Google advertising ? Qualification […]

What is the point of Facebook advertising operation? How to get results

With the increasing importance of attracting customers online , many companies are working on listing advertisements , display advertisements , or SNS advertisements in-house. However, “Facebook advertising is Google advertising and Yahoo! advertising and what the difference is of?” Once and asked, I think in some people embarrassed to answer. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on “Facebook ads ” and explain the points that you should understand when and after placing Facebook ads . Find out the difference between Facebook ads and […]

Explains the types of display advertisements. Introducing the differences and merits from other advertisements

There are various types of advertisements on the Web, and it is important to use them properly according to the purpose. Some are displayed at the top of the search, while others are good at appealing visually. Display advertising is especially good at visual appeal . Display ads have been seen by anyone who has been exposed to the Internet . Many of them are interesting with pictures and text, and are posted […]

How to increase the clickthrough rate of listing ads? Explain how to improve

If you use listing ads , you can display them on major search sites such as Google and Yahoo! without taking SEO measures . Since you can approach users who have needs, it is easy to use even if your advertising budget is limited , and it can be said that it is a cost-effective advertisement . In this article, listing advertising “do not you in order to give maximum effect of listing ad will explain what is to […]

6 Google Search Options to Help Web Professionals

The Google search engine used by half of the Internet users in the world . Since its birth in 1998, the user easy-to-use for the search engine has been a frequent renovation with the aim of. As it specializes in search, there are various search methods that meet the needs of users . This time, we have summarized the Google search methods that are useful to know . There is also a convenient search method when investigating competition, so if […]

Explains the basic usage of Chrome developer tools (verification mode)

Google Chrome developer tools (also known as verification mode) are very useful tools for web developers.Especially convenient is the display emulation function when developing for smartphones, which displays a pseudo smartphone screen even though it is a PC screen. Knowing the Google Chrome developer tools will make it easier to edit and debug HTML / CS S and check the display on your […]

Learn about Google Analytics opt-out add-ons

When analyzing a site with Google Analytics, if you access your site on your own computer unless you have made special settings, it will be counted as “one user “. This time, we will introduce the ” Google Analytics opt-out add-on” that anyone can easily set up . What is the Google Analytics opt-out add-on? The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is Google’s official free web browser add-on developed to allow users to disable the […]

If you want to study Python grammar, use Google Colaboratory and videos

I’m learning by watching at least one video a day because I feel that studying with videos is more in my head than buying reference books and other teaching materials. So far, you can learn the basics of Python with an investment of $0 . Recommended videos, Hayate plus’s this series of ↓Introduction to Python [2020 Edition]Share your videos with […]