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What is Google Advertising Certification? Explain the merits and acquisition method

As the number of companies operating web advertising is increasing, the qualification that is currently attracting attention is the ” Google Advertising Certification” . Although it is less well known than qualifications such as bookkeeping and TOEIC, it is a highly regarded qualification in the web advertising industry . In this article, we will give you an overview of Google Ads certification and the benefits of acquiring it. What is Google Ads Certification? Google advertising ? Qualification […]

What is the point of Facebook advertising operation? How to get results

With the increasing importance of attracting customers online , many companies are working on listing advertisements , display advertisements , or SNS advertisements in-house. However, “Facebook advertising is Google advertising and Yahoo! advertising and what the difference is of?” Once and asked, I think in some people embarrassed to answer. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on “Facebook ads ” and explain the points that you should understand when and after placing Facebook ads . Find out the difference between Facebook ads and […]

Explains the types of display advertisements. Introducing the differences and merits from other advertisements

There are various types of advertisements on the Web, and it is important to use them properly according to the purpose. Some are displayed at the top of the search, while others are good at appealing visually. Display advertising is especially good at visual appeal . Display ads have been seen by anyone who has been exposed to the Internet . Many of them are interesting with pictures and text, and are posted […]

How to increase the clickthrough rate of listing ads? Explain how to improve

If you use listing ads , you can display them on major search sites such as Google and Yahoo! without taking SEO measures . Since you can approach users who have needs, it is easy to use even if your advertising budget is limited , and it can be said that it is a cost-effective advertisement . In this article, listing advertising “do not you in order to give maximum effect of listing ad will explain what is to […]

Convenient for limited-time sales and events! Google AdWords countdown feature

Dear Web staff, Are you making effective use of the useful features of listing ads ? Google AdWords has a variety of customization features, one of which is the “countdown feature”. With the function implemented from September 2014, the number to be displayed in the advertisement text can be counted down in real time. This is an effective function for promoting limited-time campaigns and services / products […]

Setting up a custom audience in Facebook ads and how to create a similar audience

With Facebook ads , you can specify the users (audience) you want to promote in detail. However, it is a rough idea of ​​gender, age, and attributes. If you have a specific list and you can place advertisements based on it, you can expect an effect, such a setting is a custom audience . Upload the list to be held in Facebook, it would like to advertise on the basis […]

An example of not only improving CTR but also reducing the unit acquisition price by changing the ad text

You don’t have the budget to create a landing page , but many people are wondering if you can manage to improve the accuracy by adjusting the ad text. There are some recommended cases for advertising operators who think that way . This is an example of an ad text adjustment that improved CTR and reduced CPA by 9% . Example: CTR improvement with automatic keyword insertion function Case study site overview […]

Operation: How to place an ad on Google AdWords

Place your ad on Google AdWords . To do so, you can create an account and proceed with the settings according to the screen such as the campaign, and you will be able to publish immediately (requires: payment information such as credit card has been set in the account registration). In this article Google in AdWords advertising how to configure for advertising, we describe the flow. Flow of advertising using Google AdWords The main flow for advertising on Google AdWords is as follows. Then, after […]

Operation: How to set up conversion for Google AdWords

Once you’ve placed your Google AdWords ad , it’s time to set up conversions to measure your ad effectiveness. And make the conversion settings, the home page and the results of the ad , you can know the relationship. So, prior to the conversion settings, the home page would be whether the purpose of what’s good (the document request settlement or purpose the case for or purpose of […]

What is Instagram Branded Content Advertising? Easy-to-understand explanation of features, setting methods and procedures

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are conducting influencer marketing using popular Instagrammers on Instagram . Do you know what is called “brand content advertising”, which is a new service on Instagram ? Brand content advertising, which can be used for PR and advertisement distribution on Instagram in a form different from conventional influencer marketing, is now […]