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What is the point of Facebook advertising operation? How to get results

With the increasing importance of attracting customers online , many companies are working on listing advertisements , display advertisements , or SNS advertisements in-house. However, “Facebook advertising is Google advertising and Yahoo! advertising and what the difference is of?” Once and asked, I think in some people embarrassed to answer.

Therefore, in this article, we will focus on “Facebook ads ” and explain the points that you should understand when and after placing Facebook ads .

Find out the difference between Facebook ads and other web ads

First, let’s understand the big difference between Facebook ads and other web ads .

Where can I place Facebook ads?

The places where Facebook ads can be placed are as follows.

● Facebook

  • Displayed in the “feed column” and “story column” where posts are displayed on the smartphone / PC screen
  • Displayed in the ad space in the right column of the screen only in the PC environment

● Facebook Messenger

  • Display in message inbox

● Instagram

  • Displayed in the “feed column” and “story column” where posts are displayed on the smartphone / PC screen
  • Display on the “Discovery tab” that suggests recommended posts based on the user ‘s browsing history

● Audience network

  • Outside of the smartphone in partnership with Facebook · Instagram app and the Web site also in the ad can be delivered

Even if you say “Facebook ads ” in a nutshell, Instagram is also under its umbrella, so by operating the ad placement from the “Facebook ad manager” , Instagram can also be targeted for placement.

Understand the characteristics of your audience

Then, Facebook advertising View user Let understood in conjunction with the trend whether such kind of people.

● Facebook

  • Easy to approach older people in their 40s and 50s

● Instagram

  • Currently, the number of users is growing most rapidly
  • Mainly users in their 20s to 40s
  • The image of “Instagram” has changed to “miscellaneous information”, “seeing useful information for daily life”, and “using it as a source of information and reference for shopping and visiting stores”.

The most important point to keep in mind here is that people who see Facebook and Instagram ads are “potential”.

For example, in the case of listing advertisements , the moment a user searches for a specific product or information by keyword, the advertisement is delivered to the person who matches the content, so it is “deliver the advertisement to the person whose needs are actualized “ .

On the other hand, when a user is looking at a Facebook or Instagram feed, they are somehow looking at posts from friends or the shops they follow. Since the advertisement is delivered to that in a way that naturally blends into the feed, let’s first understand that the basic stance is to “deliver it to people who are not so motivated to buy it so that it will be recognized .”

Let’s understand the characteristics of the billing method

Google ads and Yahoo! ads are basically “CPC billing (cost per click = click billing)” . User is ad will only be charged when you click. On the other hand, Facebook ads also have a method called “CPM billing (cost per mille = billing every 1,000 times an ad is displayed)”, which is also called “impression billing”.

If this is your first time posting a Facebook ad , you may be wondering, “Which is better,’CPC billing’or’CPM billing’?”

In such a case, let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of both.

● CPC billing

No matter how many times it is displayed, you will not be charged unless the user clicks it.

Even if you are not particularly interested, if the user who clicks with a light feeling takes action, you will be charged more and more.

● CPM billing

<Advantage> It leads to recognition acquisition by displaying it to the
user over and over again.

Budget digestion may end without any effect

Facebook advertising case of, If you select the “CPC billing”, take good action that click user in the ad will be delivered. In other words, it may reach “people who are not very interested but click with a light feeling”, and the disadvantage of wasting budget may increase .

As mentioned in the previous section, the audience who sees Facebook ads is the “latent layer”. To repeat, the basic stance is to “deliver to people who are not so motivated to buy so that they will be recognized.”

Therefore, it can be said that “CPM billing”, which repeatedly delivers advertisements to potential customers and leads to recognition, is more likely to serve the purpose.

Good points to keep in mind when setting ads

From here, I will explain the points that should be kept in mind in the process of actually setting the advertisement .

Let’s clarify the purpose before posting

Ads for advertising is “Facebook advertising , you need to login to the manager,” but, you must select the “target” before advertising.

  • Increase access to websites
  • Acquire leads (information on prospective customers)
  • Promote Instagram Posts
  • Increase inquiries
  • Promote Facebook page
  • Increase telephone inquiries

You must always decide on one of the above options.

Therefore, it is not an ambiguous goal such as “I hope to increase the number of customers by advertising on Facebook and Instagram from now on” , but “acquisition of cognition and interest targeting the latent layer” and ” acquisition of inquiries via forms ” Try to narrow down your goals to the clearest possible goals , such as “acquiring visits to actual stores,” and then move on to advertising .

Focus on creativity

The following is an ad sample that I test-generated with my “Facebook ad manager” .

What are the most noticeable components when you look at this ad from a single user’s perspective ?

Perhaps most people first look at “images.” Next, the advertisement text on the image . And what company does this account belong to? Isn’t the eye moving in the order of the icon indicating the? And the account name?

In other words, Facebook ads are “creatives make a first impression . 

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you put effort into your creative work in advance, such as an image that best suits your company’s image, or an image that is bright, clear, and beautiful when viewed from the user’s perspective.

Especially when the goal is to “acquire recognition and interest”, even if the advertisement text is good, if the image is bad, it will not leave an impression on the user and will greatly affect the click rate.

It is effective to create multiple audiences, the creation point

You can create a group by specifying the “place of residence”, “age”, “interest”, etc. in detail at the time of posting, and targeting distribution to that group is possible. This Facebook advertising in the “Audience” is called.

We recommend that you create multiple “audiences” from various perspectives. The reason is that if you deliver to “Audience A” and the response is not good, you can immediately switch the setting to “Audience B” to improve the advertising performance.

It is also possible to run separate advertising content for “Audience A” and “Audience B” at the same time, and perform an “AB test” to verify which is more responsive. The point when creating this “audience” is to try to deliver advertisements to completely different audiences by avoiding attributes such as “place of residence”, “age”, and “interest” among multiple groups. It is to see.

You can’t tell what kind of audience the PR of your company or your products will affect without actually delivering and trying it. There are many cases where there is a need in a place different from the potential customer base envisioned by the company, and there is a reaction from an unexpected place. Facebook advertising has a mechanism that allows you to try it yourself and discover it .

Actively utilize your custom audience

The ” Custom Audience “ is a setting that goes one step further than the “Audience” that targets people who are likely to match your business from Facebook users around the world .

This is a list of customers already have in-house: (for example, e-mail magazine and distribution list) CS imported into Facebook in the V data, Facebook user is a mechanism to be matched with. The uploaded email address will be encrypted, so you cannot check the contents from Facebook.

For example, it is effective when you want to promote a new product to existing customers. Since the advertisement is delivered to people who already have contact with the company , it can be said that it is a method that makes it easy to get interested and produce advertising results. If you have the resources available, please take advantage of them.

Good points to keep in mind after advertising

From here, I will explain the points that you should keep in mind after placing an advertisement .

Be sure to see the report screen

Ad results after the advertising is, “Facebook advertising manager,” you can see from. For example, the following items can be monitored.

  • Clicks
  • Reach number
  • Breakdown display of user group
  • Budget digestion during the period

Check the results such as “Are you able to reach the people you initially set as an audience? Are you clicked? Are you getting a positive reaction?” And use it for your next move. Let’s.

Don’t stick to the same audience, repeat trials and errors

If you don’t like the response from the people you initially set as your audience, don’t stick to one audience, set up different audiences, and try to serve ads again. is.

of course,

  • Scrutiny of goals
  • Brush up the ad text
  • Creative improvement

However, if that doesn’t help, take the plunge and change your audience.

Regularly review the “freshness” of your ads

The “freshness” of an ad is also important in Facebook ads . It is said that if you continue to deliver the same ad text, creative, and goal for more than 2 weeks, it will be judged as an “old ad ” in Facebook ads . Then, the delivery volume will decrease and the reach and click rate will decrease steadily.

Keep in mind that if you’re working on Facebook ads for the long term, it’s a good idea to maintain your settings in a week or two.

Let’s understand that the mechanism is slightly different from listing ads and display ads

Facebook advertising has a daily budget of several hundred dollars, and it is also a feature that you can try from the cheapest budget among web advertising , so it can be said that it is a measure that is relatively easy for those who run small businesses to challenge. Therefore, it will be easier to actually take the first step in Web advertising operations, such as “First , secure a little advertising budget and take on the challenge of increasing awareness of your company and your store .”

Also, even though it is a web advertisement , the mechanism is slightly different compared to the listing advertisement and display advertisement of Google and Yahoo !. Please understand the difference in the mechanism of each web advertising company and adopt the method suitable for your company to attract customers.

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