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Explains the types of display advertisements. Introducing the differences and merits from other advertisements

There are various types of advertisements on the Web, and it is important to use them properly according to the purpose. Some are displayed at the top of the search, while others are good at appealing visually. Display advertising is especially good at visual appeal .

Display ads have been seen by anyone who has been exposed to the Internet . Many of them are interesting with pictures and text, and are posted on many site pages .

As you can see, display advertisements are in our personal lives, but what if we actually use them? You will find that there are many things you do not know. Therefore, this time we will introduce the types, basic knowledge, advantages and disadvantages of display advertising .

What is display advertising?

First, let’s take a quick look at what a display ad looks like. Display advertising and is, Web site when viewing, etc., are displayed on the screen edge advertising thing refers to. It is an online advertisement that uses images as the main and specializes in conveying images .

Simply advertising not only to me, users also say that one of the charms that can approach tailored to the interests. It is possible to gradually get interested by displaying not only once but also multiple times.

Difference from listing ads

So what is the difference from the familiar listing ads as online ads ? Listing advertising and display advertising is, side-by-side to be utilized in many advertising since has become, let’s proceed smoothly introduced to clarify the difference between the two.

Place of publication

The first difference is the location . While display ads appear somewhere on your web page , listing ads appear in search results when you search your site. Also, while display ads can use images, listing ads have only textual information.

Listing ad is a keyword as a base ad because going to hit, keyword and suitable for it to select content it is important to outgoing together. For display advertising is also the side that can be posted anywhere, there is a high degree of freedom advertising would say.

Reachable user base

The user base that can be reached is also different, and display advertising will focus on the latent layer of users . It is an ad that is suitable for stimulating users who are not yet aware of the product because it is possible to appeal using images .

Listing ad is based on the keyword advertising so hit the, effective to manifest layer trouble is the search made clear you say that. In many cases, we are looking for a more specific answer, and the distance to a contract is closer.

A feeling of cost

Budget is important when placing ads . To get the most out of your budget,you’ll also need to look atwhich ads cost and how much. There is also a difference in cost between listing ads and display ads .

Strictly speaking, the cost per click is different, but listing ads tend to be relatively high . I told you that you will hit ads based on keywords, but the more competition you have, the higher your advertising costs will be. There are some aspects that are more likely to lead to contracts, but be careful if you cannot afford it.

On the other hand, display advertising is relatively cheap and can reach many people. It will be necessary to use both properly according to the purpose.

Types of display ads

Now that you know the difference between display ads and paid listings , let’s dive deeper into display ads . Actually , there are several types of display advertisements , and the operation method differs depending on where you use them. Therefore, I will introduce three main ones, so please refer to them.

GDN (Google Display Network)

The first is GDN provided by Google . Google ad with features that are contained within the, Google to frame such as Adsense advertising is a service for advertising the. Efficient operation is possible, such as switching the advertisement to be displayed according to the user ‘s taste .

Detailed targeting is also possible, which makes it an even more powerful tool if you have a clear customer image. Google is more than 2 million to manage Web site because it is published in, display advertising will say that the largest is as.

YDN (Yahoo! Display Ad Network)

Following Google , we will also introduce YDN operated by Yahoo !. While Google supports the world, Yahoo! specializes in sending to Japan. Specifically, it can be posted on sites such as Yahoo! JAPAN and Yahoo! News.

The number of users in Japan is also the largest, and it will be possible to approach more prospects. It is a highly reliable service, as it is also posted by major companies, so please consider it when introducing display advertisements .

YouTube ads

The last one I would like to introduce is YouTube ads . When you watch a video on YouTube, ads are displayed everywhere, such as the edge of the page and the bottom of the video screen . These are also types of display ads that will reach a large number of users . YouTube is a service with more than 65 million monthly active users , which should lead to more impressions.

In addition, display advertising because it is also possible to transmit the video as, if you want more strengthen the appeal by the visual and images, it is recommended that you try to take advantage.

Benefits of display advertising

If you actually use display advertising , you will need a more detailed understanding. Therefore, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each . Start by looking at the benefits and get tips on how to grow your business.

An approach tailored to the user’s interests

Display ads can be targeted in detail . Therefore, it has the advantage of being easy to approach the expected customer base. Even if it is displayed once and not clicked, it can be displayed many times to attract attention.

Ads that utilize Google have a wide range of coverage, so you will be able to approach a wider variety of prospects.

Visual appeal is possible

One of the attractions of display advertising is that it can appeal visually . Taking advantage of visual impact is likely to be useful in approaching people who do not yet know the service.

Display advertising , the text of only listing ad there is an advantage that unlike the ad so, will also help to seize the opportunity of the contracts concluded and cognitive.

Relatively cheap

The listing ads compared to, advertising also benefits low advertising cost is. Low cost means that you can reach more people on the same budget. Depending on the target audience, it can be used to establish the image of the product.

Since the required cost is low, it is possible to increase the number of trials and improve the effect. Listing advertisement other, such as advertising or try in conjunction with, YouTube advertising such as to distribute the video in, you should obtain a better effect and continue to operate from various directions.

Disadvantages of display advertising

Display advertising has many advantages, such as being able to reach many people on a low budget, but of course there are also disadvantages . It is necessary to confirm the disadvantages in using it. In order to use it properly, let’s compare the purpose and disadvantage of operation.

Impression tends to be faint

Display ads can reach a lot of people, but are there any display ads that make a lasting impression in real life ? You will notice that many ads have disappeared from memory. You can see that many ads are not very impressive and do not lead to results even if they reach.

The purpose of advertising is to grow your business. If you want to achieve results with display advertising , it is important to take measures such as utilizing those with a strong impact and continuing to post for a long time.

It is difficult to make a contract unless you click

It doesn’t make sense to place an ad if it isn’t clicked. Keep in mind that users are “interested” in clicking, and let’s operate it so that there is a reason for clicking.

Long-term postings can also help if your goal is to increase awareness. It is important to identify how to use it according to the purpose.

Expand your business with display advertising

Display advertising has been introduced, but a large effect can be obtained depending on how advertising is. Consider usingit with other ads , depending on the purpose of your business. Ihopethis article willhelp you understand display advertising .

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