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How to increase the clickthrough rate of listing ads? Explain how to improve

If you use listing ads , you can display them on major search sites such as Google and Yahoo! without taking SEO measures . Since you can approach users who have needs, it is easy to use even if your advertising budget is limited , and it can be said that it is a cost-effective advertisement .

In this article, listing advertising “do not you in order to give maximum effect of listing ad will explain what is to increase the click-through rate”. Based on basic knowledge such as the average click rate of listing ads , we will introduce both how to increase the click rate and the reason for decreasing the click rate, so please refer to it.

What is a listing ad?

Listing ad are displayed according to the keyword searched by the search sites such as Google and Yahoo! advertisement by the “search-based advertising ,” “PPC (Pay Per Click)” are referred to as such.

Typical listing ads are Google Ads and Yahoo! Ads . It is said that 70% of search users use Google search and 25% use Yahoo! search, so if you hold down Google ads and Yahoo! ads , you can cover most of them.

The location you see is at the top of the search results screen. It’s displayed above the top-ranked sites in SEO , so it’s more visible to more users . It takes time and effort to display on the first page with SEO , but it is very difficult, but if you use listing ads , you can easily display it on the top and lead to your own page .

Listing ad is already needs became apparent you are looking for in the relevant keyword user can approach to so, you can expect a high conversion rate. Another advantage is that advertising costs are not wasted because advertising costs are incurred according to the number of clicks rather than the number displayed .

Click-through rate, which is important for promoting effectiveness

Of course, no matter how many listing ads you see on your search results screen, it doesn’t make sense if they aren’t clicked. It is important to display it properly on the search result screen, but more important than that is “how to make the listing advertisement click”.

The click rate is an index for that. The click rate is the rate at which the displayed advertisement is clicked, and if it is surely clicked even if it is not displayed very often, it will be possible to produce a solid advertising effect even with limited advertising expenses. It will be like.

Average CTR for paid listings

So how many clicks are there on paid listings ? It is generally said that the average click-through rate of listing ads is around 5% . However, there are variations depending on the search keyword, such as “date / encounter” is high and “B2B” is low, depending on the genre of the keyword.

However, the average click-through rate for display ads is said to be 0.3% , which shows that the click-through rate for listing ads is considerably higher. Listing ads are for users who are already doing keyword searches . It would be a strength to be able to display it to the hot layer where needs such as “want to know” and “want” are becoming apparent.

Causes of lower clickthrough rates for listing ads

In order to increase the click-through rate of listing ads , it is also important to eliminate the factors that decrease the click-through rate. I will explain why the click rate of listing ads decreases.

Target is too wide

This is the ad I can say in general, advertising do not have much needs if the target is too wide to be Todokeyo the user to come also includes advertising will reduce the effect of. Even in listing ads , consider that the wider your target, the lower your CTR .

This is more likely to happen if you set the keyword match type to “partial match”. A wide range of keyword advertising to become the display target, not the original target user is also in the ad will be displayed.

Search keyword and ad content do not match

PPC search keywords and to display the advertisement of content ( text if not match) it is, listing ad was in the eyes of the user does not sound to the (target). It’s important to think about what your users are looking for and search for that keyword, and create your ad .

If you don’t understand what your users are looking for, and you put up a listing ad that unilaterally conveys your service, it’s just a poor push. Naturally, the click rate will go down.

No impact on ad text

If the ad content matches the keyword, it will always be clicked, but that is not the case. In addition to listing ads , users see a lot of ads every day, so if they don’t have some impact, they won’t bother to click.

It is indispensable to make an effort to find out what kind of keyword has a good response by analyzing the effect by verifying the effect and referring to the cases of other companies.

How to increase the clickthrough rate of listing ads

Based on the reason why the click rate of listing ads is lowered, I will explain the points to keep in mind to increase the click rate.

Put in easy-to-understand benefits

“Half price campaigns such as” “20% off”, “admission fee free”, ad put the easy-to-understand benefits to sentence the deals feeling is increased, users can attract interest. It is good to imagine a general leaflet or DM.

However, this cannot be done without actually introducing the benefits. Think of a promotional campaign and try to include compelling words in the text of your listing ad . It is effective to avoid the end of the sentence and put it at the beginning of the sentence as much as possible to make it stand out.

Give a sense of limitation

As with the benefits , giving a sense of limitation is also a point that attracts the user ‘s interest . For example, if you limit the period such as “only now discount” or “special sale until day”, the psychology of “you have to check now” will work, and the number of people who click immediately on the spot will increase.

Other than that, by giving some kind of limited feeling such as “main store limited” or “mail order limited”, a special feeling that “you can only buy here” is added, and it becomes easier for users to notice. If you want to increase the click rate, use the keyword “limited” positively.

Take advantage of ad display options

Listing ad “in advertising by taking advantage of the display options”, the main text link a plurality of sub under the link display a can.

For example, in the case of a listing advertisement on an apparel EC site , the main is a link to the top page of the EC site , and the sub is a “dress”, “skirt”, “pants”, “coat”, etc., and details are displayed directly from the search result screen. It is possible to lead to the page . Users will be able to approach pinpoint the needs.

In addition to being able to set ad display options for free, it is easier to notice because the display area of the ad increases, and the click rate increases because the ad rank also increases. When using paid listings, be sure to take advantage of ad display options as well.

Review the target

In the first place, there are cases where the click rate is decreasing due to incorrect targeting of listing ads . For example, a brand that has a physical store tends to target the same group as the main customers, but it may be different from the group that uses online shopping.

Let’s set the target after imagining who is searching for the keyword in front of the computer and what kind of layer it is.

Review negative keywords

Many companies think “just make sure they are clicked” when selecting keywords , but it is also important to prevent them from being clicked by people who do not have needs.

Since listing ads are cost-per- click, no matter who clicks, you will incur advertising costs. It’s best to reduce wasted clicks as much as possible so that only potential customers click.

The point is the negative keywords . Negative keywords are “keywords that do not display ads “, and ideally there are more keywords than registered keywords. People who have a negative impression of the main keyword may search, so for example, negative keywords such as “bad”, “no good”, and “cannot be used” should be registered as negative keywords.

Listing ads are easy to improve advertising effectiveness

Since the content to be displayed can be set in detail for listing ads, it is possible to aim for higher advertising effectiveness while improving by rotating the PDCA cycle . Based on the points introduced this time, let’s increase the click rate of listing ads and improve the effect.

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