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Let’s enjoy YouTube more! 10 useful techniques to know

YouTube is known as a video service, but there are various tricks that are unexpectedly unknown.

Here are 5 techniques that are useful to know when uploading videos to YouTube, and 5 techniques that are useful to know to have more fun when watching videos on YouTube.

All of them are effective ways to enjoy YouTube more, so please refer to them.

Techniques for uploading videos to YouTube

1. How to remove the YouTube video upload time (15 minutes) limit

When uploading videos on YouTube, videos with a playback time longer than 15 minutes cannot be registered by default.
If you register a video longer than 15 minutes, an error will occur after uploading.
Here’s how to upload a video longer than 15 minutes.

Split the video

You can upload by editing the video and dividing it into less than 15 minutes each.
You can number the split videos, such as 1, 2, 3 in the title , and clearly state that there is a video following the description.

Apply to YouTube

By applying to YouTube, you will be able to share videos of 15 minutes or more.

STEP1. Access the YouTube top page

Access the YouTube top page and click the “Upload” button displayed at the top right of the screen.

STEP2. Raise the upper limit

Click the upload button to change the page .
Then, there is an item “Increase the upper limit” near the center of the screen, so click on it.

STEP3. Account confirmation

Next, check your account .
You can authenticate by obtaining and entering a verification code via SMS or voice message to verify your identity.

When the screen “YouTube account confirmed” is displayed, the process is complete.

Once you’ve done this, you can upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.
As of the time of writing (August 18, 2015), you can upload videos with file sizes up to 128GB and up to 11 hours.

2. When you can’t upload videos to YouTube

Here’s what to do if you try to upload a video to YouTube and it fails.

Check file format

The video file formats supported by YouTube are as follows.

Only these file formats can be uploaded, so convert to one of the above file formats before uploading.

I get the message “The server rejected the file”

When you try to upload a video, you may get the message “Server rejected file”.
In this case, special characters may be used as part of the file name. Change the
file name to text characters such as alphabets and numbers, and then try uploading again.

I get the message “Rejected (duplicate upload)”

If you get the message “Rejected (duplicate upload)”, it’s possible that the same video has already been registered.
Even if the file names are different, if the contents of the video are exactly the same, you will get an error like this.

Check playback time

When you first get an account , you can’t upload videos longer than 10 minutes.

3. Make video GIF

STEP1. URL acquisition of

First, display the video you want to convert to GIF in your browser and get the URL .
Next, add “gif” to the address of the obtained URL as follows.

STEP2. Access another site

Enter the added URL in the address bar and press Enter to move to another site called “gifs”.
This website is not an official website, so please be careful when using it.

4. I want to tag

Once you upload a video to YouTube, tagging is essential so that as many people as possible can see it .
Tagging makes it easier to be introduced as a related video. You can enter the
tag on the edit page of the basic information of the uploaded video .

How to write tags

As a basic way to write tags , you need to register them with words and separate them with commas.
Input of sentences is NG.

Number of tags

The number of tags is usually 10 to 20 at maximum.
If you register an unrelated keyword, it seems unlikely that it will be displayed as a related video.

5. How to upload MP3 audio

You cannot upload MP3 audio on YouTube. You can edit it with
various tools and apps so that you can upload it, but I will show you how to convert it to a video as easily as possible using a tool called “TunesToTube”.

First, log in to your YouTube account .
Then go to TunesToTube.

When you log in, you will be asked to allow access to the connection, so approve it.
The registration screen will open, so make the necessary settings.

In setting item 1, select and upload the MP3 file you want to publish, and in setting item 2, set the selection and upload of the background image at the time of publishing.
Then , enter the title , description, tag, etc., and after waiting for a while, it will be converted and uploading to YouTube will be completed.

It is a tool that can be used easily and quickly among various tools and apps , so it is a tool that I would like to recommend especially to those who do not have time to edit videos.

Tips to enjoy when watching YouTube

From here, I will introduce various YouTube that you can get to know, especially when you watch YouTube.

6. Skip YouTube videos

You can skip YouTube videos using the numbers “1-9” on your computer.
For example, if you press the number “3” on the keyboard, playback will start at 30% of the video.
Press “0” to start playback from the beginning of the video.

7. Use the arrow keys to change the playback position and adjust the volume.

This is a method to utilize the arrow keys on the keyboard of a personal computer.
You can use the left and right arrow keys to fast forward and rewind the video.
You can adjust the volume with the up and down arrow keys.

8. How to play YouTube videos repeatedly

If you find your favorite video on YouTube, it will automatically repeat playback when you want to listen to it repeatedly.

Use the Chrome extension “Looper for YouTube”

You can play it automatically by using the Chrome extension “Looper for YouTube”.
Once installed, a “Loop” icon will be added below the YouTube video, so press that button to see the options.
In the options, you can specify the number of plays and so on.

How to repeat playback on the external site “YouTube Repeat”

First, display the video you want to repeat in your browser and get the URL .
Next, add “repeat” to the address of the obtained URL as follows.

9. Funny trick “doge me me”

Try typing “doge me me” in the YouTube search window.
Then, it will be changed to a colorful and pop font called “Comic Sans”, and a lot of cute Shiba Inu videos will be displayed.
A doge is like a net slang that deliberately breaks the spelling of a dog.

10. Funny trick “do the harlem shake”

Try typing “do the harlem shake” in the YouTube search field.
Then, the YouTube logo starts to move, and after a while, the entire screen starts to dance.
The volume is loud at startup, so turn it down.
If you want to stop it, press the stop button next to the logo to stop it.


This time, we introduced trouble-solving techniques and useful techniques when you have trouble with YouTube.
When uploading a video or viewing a video, there are only convenient methods for each purpose.

In particular, the techniques introduced when uploading videos are useful for companies to know when using YouTube videos as part of their promotion, so please take advantage of them.

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