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If you want to study Python grammar, use Google Colaboratory and videos

I’m learning by watching at least one video a day because I feel that studying with videos is more in my head than buying reference books and other teaching materials.

So far, you can learn the basics of Python with an investment of $0 .

Recommended videos, Hayate plus’s this series of ↓Introduction to Python [2020 Edition]Share your videos with friends, family and people around the

 It is easy to concentrate because it fits within 15 minutes per video .

✅ Since you will study with Google Colaboratory (a tool that can run Python in a browser), you will never stumble when building a Python development environment.

✅ If you get an error (usually a misspelling),
     Google Colaboratory will show you what part of the code is wrong, so you can compare it with the code in the video.

If you’ve learned other programming languages, you’ll understand the low cost of learning.

As for grammar, if you have the minimum rules in mind and have the ability to solve it by google, it seems that you can proceed without aiming for perfection, so I aim to finish this video series by the end of this month.

After learning grammar, there are various fields (scraping, machine learning, Excel automation, etc.),

Web application creation

Proceed to.

It was recommended by a programming school that undertakes text production.

You can learn by extending the web production you have studied so far, and the title “You can make apps with Python” is because it differentiates you from other people .

It is a valuable opinion of those who have been running programming schools for many years, so I will obediently follow it.

After learning grammar, it’s best to focus on one, so if you’re interested in Python, find out what you can do and try the areas that you are most interested in or can do!

Thank you for reading.

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