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How many do you know? 22 names of functions on the website

Day-to-day home page and are operating, their home page , but you will be I think that can be familiar roughly about, the home page or’ll be able to firmly grasp up for the entire function.

How can often no problem if you do not know until the detailed functional if the Web person in charge, ” breadcrumbs ” and “OGP Settings” or the like, the home page before one’s eyes the improved chance if not able to understand the function of the on You may miss it.

This time, the home page will explain the main features that are installed on.
If you don’t understand the meaning of the terms in the example, please check it out.

1. Icon

An icon is a graphic representation of a function or content , and is generally used for menu display in this way.

2. Favicon

The favicon, home in the Web browser page when you open the, it refers to the icon to be displayed on the tab portion.
When you open multiple tabs in a tab browser (a browser that can open multiple pages on one screen ), the favicon serves as a marker for identifying pages .

3. Entry form

Also called “input form ” or “inquiry form “.
It refers to the function that allows the user to enter some information and obtain the information, and in most cases, the entry form is the conversion point.
The easier it is to fill out the entry form, the higher the conversion rate, so you need to set it while looking at the balance between the information you want to get and the ease of entry.
By the way, in ferret, in order to save the trouble of membership registration as much as possible, in addition to setting it so that conversion can be done by registering only the email address and password , if you already have an account on Facebook or Twitter , you can register just by linking from there. It is possible.

4. Cursor

This function is for pointing to the target of instructions and operations.
Since it is often operated with the mouse, it is sometimes called a “mouse pointer”.
For those who can perform some kind of operation, it is not possible to tell the user what kind of operation is possible unless the specifications are such that changes such as the underline that changes color when the cursor is placed are attracted .
Also, if the area that can be clicked with the cursor is too small, users who can not click may give up.

5. Mouse over

Home page image and in the text to when you put the cursor, called the specification in which the color and image change with the mouse over.
It is meaningless unless it is a specification that makes the user recognize that it can be clicked, and it also affects the click rate.

6. TOP page

Home page is located at the top of the hierarchy page the TOP page is called.
Google search engine of the crawler , first TOP page goes into, each from which page to patrol the index ( search engine registration to) and will continue to.

7. Lower page

TOP page other than the page the lower page is called.
Home page has become a basic tree structure, TOP in the vertex page there is, from which the lower page exists so that the branches.

8. Column

Home page column in the design points to a vertical separator, the side menu one column or two column installed, the main content two to three column configuration of one column in is common.
If you divide it too much, it will be difficult to see each column, so balance is also important.

9. Carousel

The carousel in words that represent the state in which the rotating round and round, the home page in refers to the functions of the image to slide to the side. Home page of the TOP page is a technology that is often used to.

10. Global navigation

Page on the menu, which is installed at the top, all the pages will be displayed in.
Home page principal of the content intended interleaving, you become is difficult to see information too packed menu.

11. Content

Content in the sense that “content”, the home page is a general term for any information within.
General The text often refers to the information, the home page or when referring to the article itself in, the text also refers to the only.

12. Site map

A diagram that shows the structure of the entire site.
Also, Search Console (old web master in the tool), Google of the crawler to index you want to page refers to the list of.

13. Thumbnails

Thumbnails are images that have been reduced for list display.
Since the purpose is to guide you to this article, in most cases a link is attached, and clicking the thumbnail will automatically generate a specification that jumps to the link .

14. Banner

Home page is displayed on the link the image with a banner is called.
Home page , such as both ends and the upper part of the main content will be installed so as to surround the.
Ads for the banner to induce to other sites link is attached, billing is generated each time is clicked and impressions (impressions).

15. Tags

Tag and in the original meaning of “sticky”, in Web production HTML to tags by writing the code, character decoration or link can give instructions such as insertion.
In addition, tag title among the tag is such as SEO plays a very important role in.

16. Table

The table here refers to the “table”.
When inserting a table in an article, you need to create the table with HTML , markdown, etc.

17. Text

Character information that can be displayed on the Web is called text . It refers to a list of meaningful characters, and in addition to general languages ​​such as Japanese and English, the notation of programming languages ​​such as Ruby is also called text .

18. Domain

Home page of the URL of the “http: // (or https: //)” and the subsequent representation domain is called.
Internet Home on the page is a nine-digit sequence of numbers called IP addresses indicate the address, but the it was notation easier to understand for a human rather than a computer is ” domain is”.
Previously it was composed only in English, but now Japanese domains are also appearing.

19. Bug

Home page , such as the display of the operation or collapse does not work, called the bug are collectively referred to some kind of defect in the system.

20. Breadcrumb trail

Breadcrumbs and are viewing now page , the home page is a list that is displayed in order to give you an idea of being in position in the throat.
The breadcrumb trail is counted as an internal link , so if properly installed, SEO can be expected.

21. Pop-up

Home page when performing certain operations on, refers to the window that is displayed to jump out to the front.
In many cases, the original screen cannot be operated while the pop-up is displayed, and it is often used immediately before operations that require careful operation, such as confirmation of payment and error display.


Animation creation software developed by Adobe.
In the era when static content was the mainstream, dynamic and impactful Flash became popular as rich content for a while, but it often causes slow operation, and the iPhone does not support Flash, so it is a little. It was a technology that was often shunned.
In addition, recently Google also, Google to Chrome, Flash content has been implemented the ability to stop the operation of the.


Home page to know the function of, of course, is in making the site improvement, will be also very important when to communicate with the production team.

Home page by modifying the fine design among continue to operate There are no time and again, but when you ask a correction, there is a possibility that request content from being distorted if you do not know the names and functions of the corrected portion.
It is important to have a common language with the production side so that requests can be made as smoothly as possible.

Accumulation of small functional improvements will lead to great results.
Its home page with an understanding of the function of every corner, where you look for whether the improvements are lurking.

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