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I can’t listen anymore! Explaining the blocking function of Twitter

When using SNS, you may encounter spam accounts and accounts that act as annoying acts . If this happens with your
corporate account , it is highly likely that you will interfere with communication with other general users , so it is safe to use the block function to cut off your involvement on Twitter .

However, there are many people who do not understand what kind of functions they have, only those that are not used unless there is something wrong.

This time, I will explain and introduce the blocking function of Twitter and how to set it.

What is the blocking function for?

If you have a Twitter account , you can freely skip @tweets (tweets addressed to your account ) on Twitter .

I do not know the user because it is a conversation feel free to be at each other, very While the communication is likely to occur, also will be able that will continue to send a tweet, such as harassment. If you come across
such an account , use the block feature to protect yourself.

If you block from here

First of all, I will explain the state when another user ‘s account is blocked.

How to set blocks

1. To block, first go to the other party’s account page .

2. Click the gear mark and click “Block” from the displayed menu to complete the setting.

3. After setting, the other party’s tweet will be hidden like this. You can view it by clicking “View Tweets”.

4. blocked account is “blocked in the” Settings ” account can be checked from”.

There are two changes that occur on the blocked side.

.If you're blocking your opponent you will follow
.The opponent's tweet falls into his timeline

So what kind of functional restrictions will occur on the blocked side?

If blocked

The following changes occur on the blocked side.

.Profile, tweets, lists, etc. all information about blocked users is disabled
.DM cannot be sent
[email protected] tweet don't even notify you
.Cannot tag to image

When I jump to the profile page of the blocked person, it is displayed like this, and I can not see information other than the icon and account name.

However, when you perform a keyword search, if the tweet of the blocked party contains that keyword, it will be displayed regardless of blocking.

If you want to hide only tweets, use the “mute” function.

Twitter also has a “mute” feature, which is less restrictive than blocking.

Just like blocking , click the gear mark on the other party’s profile page and click “Mute” to complete the setting.

By “mute”, you can prevent the other party’s tweets from being displayed on the timeline without unfollowing.
Other than that, you can send @tweets and DMs as usual.
This is useful, for example, if you don’t want to break the follow relationship but want to limit it because there are too many tweets.


If you block it, you will not be able to communicate completely with the other party, so it is ideal not to use it unless there is something wrong, and to solve it through discussions. For corporate accounts , users are required to be especially careful.

However, if you receive a large number of @tweets for simple harassment purposes, you should block it.
Twitter Since it is a communication tool, one of the user a number of its own because of the user might also need decision to take the plunge if you feel to be inhibited communication with.

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