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4 basics of article creation that you should know when conducting content marketing

Google search engine now went up the accuracy of, external links than the amount of the home page in the content quality of the now evaluated.

When it comes to content marketing , it’s not just about adding more content . Its target users or are aligned much of the information that they need, it has viewpoints become a point of.

This time, I will introduce an article that summarizes the basics that you should keep in mind when creating an article for content marketing .

1. Basics of Web Marketing-Let’s use 3C analysis

Content SEO , the company is a service that provides the target user information to help a certain amount of transmission, the home page of the inflow number increase, it is the purpose of gradually paying off. To do this, first the user what to content originating their home if the page you will have to guess whether you’ll keep an eye on the. Before actually creating content , let’s first analyze your company, users, and competitors.

2. Basic knowledge: Let’s understand the importance of SEO countermeasure keywords

Once the direction of the
content is set, let’s select the keyword to be taken. However, content SEO will not succeed just by selecting keywords for dark clouds . To avoid such mistakes, you first need to understand why keyword selection is important.

3. [4 ways to keep producing material] Let’s solve the shortage of material that is inherent in content SEO

Once the direction of the axis is decided, we are in the stage of increasing the content , but at some point we will run into the problem of “no material to update”. In this article, we will introduce techniques for creating useful material in such cases.

4. SEO case where the number of inflows from countermeasure keywords increased 2.4 times by adding content

Content marketing has a strong image that it is difficult to see clear results, but this is not always the case. As a result of systematically adding content at the smartphone case online shop operated by our company, we have succeeded in more than doubling the number of inflows .
In this article, the details of the specific measures are disclosed.


Why did Google focus on content rather than external links ? From the beginning, Google has a philosophy of providing useful information to users . Search engines also frequently update their algorithms to realize that philosophy.

Yet technology is immature the home page of content era that could not be analyzed until the contents of the user home is required to page criteria for determining whether or not the evaluation from the outside (the link is the main axis in the amount of) It was placed.
But now, the home page of content you can read the contents with considerable accuracy.
So, Google ‘s policy itself hasn’t changed , just because it’s more accurate to determine if it’s useful information to users than it was when we were evaluating external links .

The attitude of always thinking from the user’s point of view is the most important, but the techniques introduced above will help you to create good articles more efficiently.

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