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Convenient for limited-time sales and events! Google AdWords countdown feature

Dear Web staff, Are you making effective use of the useful features of listing ads ?

Google AdWords has a variety of customization features, one of which is the “countdown feature”. With the function implemented from September 2014, the number to be displayed in the advertisement text can be counted down in real time. This is an effective function for promoting limited-
time campaigns and services / products with a limited number of items.
This time, I will introduce how to set the countdown function. If you are in charge of listing operations, please check it out.

How to set the countdown function in Google AdWords

1. Log in to Google AdWords.

2. Create a campaign.

Click ” Campaign ” in the upper left menu to enter the campaign management screen. Click the “+ Campaign ” button to create a new campaign as usual .

3. Insert a countdown function for ads

When you enter the ad creation screen, enter the function that activates the countdown function in the ad text item. For example, if you want to launch a limited-time campaign until 18:00 on December 31, 2014

{= COUNTDOWN (“2021/1/20 09:00:00,” en “, 15”)}

Enter the description. (The function is reflected in the preview as it is.) “en” in the
function is an abbreviation of “English”, and “15” indicates how many days before the countdown starts. (In this case, it will start 15 days in advance.)

Now click the “Save” button to complete the insertion of the countdown function.
After that, if you deliver as usual, the part where the function is inserted will change depending on the number of days displayed.


If you use the countdown function, you can increase the appeal to users when announcing limited-time sales and events

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