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What is good content? Summary of thoughts of the five major media

” Content era of the King”, “high-quality content to continue to make a” home page has been the best means for growing. But what exactly does “quality content ” mean here ? All the answers are in the guidelines for webmasters published by Google . However, since there are many volumes and a lot of complicated descriptions, there are many parts that are difficult for general Web personnel to understand. This time, I picked up media articles that describe their thoughts on “quality content .” If you are told that the content is of good quality but it doesn’t come to your mind, please check it out.

1. Interpretation of guidelines for Google webmasters

It is an article that explains all the items of the guideline for webmasters like Ferret . It’s quite a long time, but if you read through it, you’ll see what Google is aiming for and what Google defines as good content . After reading this article, read the following articles for a better understanding.

2. Explanation from “Definition of contents”

High-quality content prior to characterize define, first ” content have been described from a place called the”. Sonouede, Google high-quality stipulated content the, Google side of the advertising has been inferred from the revenue model. ” Google is the main revenue advertising revenue → user to the search engine in the hope that it will more → not profitable should have him use the user must be the convenient and useful site for, so users will for the content held by the to have a home page that is that is is “evaluation.

3. Think on the premise that “good sentences have different definitions depending on the person”

Even if you try to create good content , it is difficult to decide what is “good”. Especially when requesting content from outside, many people may have experienced that sentences that are completely different from what they instructed have been created. In this article, we recognize that “good sentences differ from person to person,” and explain that sentences are “more important than content.” If the composition of the sentence is decided, the content will not be greatly blurred unless there is a great deal of trouble. When outsourcing, try to instruct from the structure, not the content of the text.

4. Google judges “good content” from all directions

The criteria for Google to judge “good content ” are organized in an easy-to-understand manner. Google ‘s criteria,

.External factors (number of links, shares, etc.)

.factors that make users change (content easy to understand, easy to act, etc.)

·Mechanical processing (original content, appropriate amount of articles, etc.)

·Evaluation of the whole homepage (content volume, update, etc.)

5. Investigate “what is high-quality content” with actual measures

After the release, we compare the two contents that have a big difference in the inflow, and thoroughly verify what the good quality content means. In addition, the method of occupying the top of the search results is also shown, so let’s incorporate the part that can be imitated.


“Quality of each company content ‘ve seen the idea for the” still good is but the common content = user useful content that it’s, useful for the million people content is not such thing as, user targeting It was said that the content should be created according to the target after doing well.
Because the Internet can be seen by everyone, it is important to be able to imagine the users that you really want to deliver .

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