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How to instantly solve the problem that thumbnails are not displayed when posting or sharing on Facebook

If you run a blog or media, you may have had a problem when you publish an article and share it on Facebook, because the featured image or title is not displayed.

This time, I will show you how to display the featured image and title correctly when posting to Facebook immediately after publishing the blog .

Why is it not reflected immediately?

There’s more than one reason, but the number one reason why featured images and titles aren’t reflected is that the Facebook crawler hasn’t crawled yet . These problems occur when you update your
blog or content .

Facebook crawlers will crawl and reflect over time, but just waiting is frustrating.

The solution to this is to take advantage of the Facebook Debugger.

Facebook debugger

Originally, the Facebook debugger is a tool to check if the OGP settings for the article are set. However , since it is a mechanism to check and crawl, it is possible to solve the problem that it is not reflected immediately.

It’s very easy to do, just enter the URL and click “Debug”.

If the Response Code shows 200, you’re done.
In addition, the OGP settings are described in the object properties.

On the other hand, if it is incorrect, an error will occur. In this case, reset it to the correct one.


In this way, just enter the URL in the Facebook debugger and click ” Debug ” and the Facebook crawler will crawl it for you.

” Blogs peace of mind to publish the” – “end to deliver the news article” rather than, an article was published user can share properly eye-catching and when us to the title and does not reflect other users be stopped in the eyes of the Will be difficult to do.
It’s a shame that you shared it with me.

So, a blog when you publish and articles, to take advantage of the Facebook Debakka, users can share eye-catching images and when you title Try to display correctly.

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