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An example of not only improving CTR but also reducing the unit acquisition price by changing the ad text

You don’t have the budget to create a landing page , but many people are wondering if you can manage to improve the accuracy by adjusting the ad text.

There are some recommended cases for advertising operators who think that way . This is an example of an ad text adjustment that improved CTR and reduced CPA by 9% .

Example: CTR improvement with automatic keyword insertion function

Case study site overview

Case Home page : moving-based media site
what kind of home page or: Comparison introduction of moving skilled in the art.
Purpose: Home page document request from the

Improvement result

[Before] CTR : 8.30% 
[After] CTR : 8.59% CPA reduced by 9%
[Point] Use of keyword automatic insertion function

STEP1 Challenge-I don’t have the budget to make a landing page

We, the home page to introduce the movers like, you have to help the customer referrals, such as a document request. To attract customers, we are increasing the number of accesses by utilizing SEO and listing advertisements .

Well, listing advertising in order to increase the accuracy of, the link of the destination page in a dedicated also landing page is better to make a (LP), and listen. However, at that time, we were full of advertisements and did not have the budget to make a dedicated LP.

However, I believed that the accuracy could still be improved, so I thoroughly investigated whether there was something that could be used with the Yahoo! Promotional Advertising function.

STEP2 Improvement-Keyword automatic insertion function

Corresponds to keyword fluctuations

Japanese is difficult. The meanings of “moving”, “moving”, and “moving” are understood. And search engines such as Google will understand those “fluctuations” properly and display the search results .

However, if the keyword and the ad text do not match, you may feel uncomfortable. I thought.

In fact, our ad text at the time didn’t match the user ‘s search keywords 100% . Maybe there are some users who feel uncomfortable and don’t click, albeit a little . I thought.

Keyword automatic insertion function

I found out that listing ads have the ability to solve them. It is said that it is a keyword automatic insertion function .

It will automatically insert the keyword searched by the user into the ad text title . This allows you to display matching words even if there are fluctuations in the keywords.

By entering {KEYWORD: text } in the ad title , it will be automatically replaced with the set keyword and displayed. I didn’t use this.

Suppose your keyword is “moving, moving, moving” and your ad title is set to “Click here for a {keyword: text } quote”. Then, when you search for “moving”, it will be replaced with “Click here for a moving quote”, and when you search for “Moving”, it will be replaced with “Click here for a moving quote”. Since it can be matched with the user’s own keywords, it can be expected to improve the click rate ( CTR ).

STEP3 Consideration-I’m worried about suggestion measures

As a result, CTR , CVR and CPA have all improved . It was a pity that I hadn’t used it before. On the other hand, CVR has improved, but within the margin of error? It was a change that I could think of.

Since the keyword automatic insertion function is a function attached to Yahoo! promotion advertisements, we will naturally engage in competition. I thought I had to study more. Also, if the keyword exceeds the character limit, it should be noted that it will not work.
(By the way, Google AdWords also has an automatic insertion function . )
Recently, there are times when it is more troublesome than measures against keyword blurring. That is, the keyword suggestion (keyword auxiliary function displayed in the search term input field) is filled with a specific keyword.

Overseas, it seems that there are companies that operate a service that forcibly displays the intended auxiliary keywords by performing a large number of searches with the same content. I don’t know if it’s true or false, but I’m a little troubled. In fact, a search for ” Google Suggest Spam” found many articles. It seems that Google has already taken measures, so I hope that it will be improved in Yahoo! in the future.

In any case, adjusting your ad text is a cheaper way than creating a landing page . I would like to continue to review it regularly and aim to improve accuracy.

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