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Operation: How to place an ad on Google AdWords

Place your ad on Google AdWords . To do so, you can create an account and proceed with the settings according to the screen such as the campaign, and you will be able to publish immediately (requires: payment information such as credit card has been set in the account registration).

In this article Google in AdWords advertising how to configure for advertising, we describe the flow.

Flow of advertising using Google AdWords

The main flow for advertising on Google AdWords is as follows. Then, after this operation, if there is no problem, the advertisement will be displayed in a few minutes at the earliest . Therefore, be careful, such as preparing the text of the advertisement in advance and carefully creating it.

1. 1. Creating a campaign ( a large group of advertisements )
2. Budget decision
3. Input of advertisement text
4. Setting of advertisement keywords
5. Done

Posting is completed in just 5 steps. Let’s get started!

How to place an ad

Step1 Create a new campaign

1. 1. Log in to Google AdWords and click the Campaigns tab.
2. 2. Click “Create First Campaign ” that appears.

Step2 Setting the campaign name, etc.

1. 1. Enter any campaign name. You can use Japanese, but let’s make the name easy to understand later.
2. 2. “Region”, “Language”, “bid unit price ,” “budget and ad Enter a display option.”

3. 3. Click Save and Next.

Step3 Ad group settings

1. 1. ” Ad by clicking on the tab of”, ” text ad and choose.”

2. 2. ” Ad headline,” ” advertising statement,” “Display URL “, ” link destination URL and enter the”. Enter while watching the preview displayed on the right.

Step4 Set “keyword”

1. 1. Scan to the bottom of the screen crawl , and go to the input field of the keyword.
2. 2. Enter the keyword you want to advertise .
3. 3. Set the “default unit price ” and ” save ad group” and you’re done.

<Caution! > It should be noted that, from this point on advertising because advertising (or the application of the examination) will start, the budget will be digested. be careful.

Pay attention to the maximum number of settings when creating a campaign

There is a limit to the number of campaigns , ad groups, and keywords that can be set .

・Campaign : 10,000
・Ad group: 20,000 / per campaign
・ Keywords: 5,000 / per ad group

It’s unlikely that you’ll exceed the limit for normal use, so just keep in mind that there is a limit to the number.


 I introduced the flow of advertising for Google AdWords, but I think it was too easy and out of place. However, the advertising budget will be exhausted from this moment, so this is also the start.

It may be hard to get at first, but it’s a good idea to set up a campaign (general frame) and modify it from what you know (or need) , such as ad groups, keywords, and devices .

If you set up your campaign properly, you will be able to place ads that meet the needs of search users , so be patient.

This is the point

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