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Operation: How to set up conversion for Google AdWords

Once you’ve placed your Google AdWords ad , it’s time to set up conversions to measure your ad effectiveness. And make the conversion settings, the home page and the results of the ad , you can know the relationship.

So, prior to the conversion settings, the home page would be whether the purpose of what’s good (the document request settlement or purpose the case for or purpose of the) to clarify.

In addition, the home and the last goal of the procedure page because it contains the renovation work of, let’s to the pre-editing state.

This article explains how to set up conversions for Google AdWords.

How to set conversion

Step1 Start conversion setting

1. 1. Click the menu “Operation Tools” on the screen.
2. 2. Click “Conversion Tracking” in the pull-down menu.

Step2 Give the conversion a name

1. 1. Click the red button “+ Conversion”.

Step3 Set conversion details

1. 1. For the conversion value, select “The value is the same for all conversion actions” and enter an arbitrary number in the blank at the bottom (if you set it to 0, it will be difficult to calculate the effect, so for example , enter the average customer unit price etc. Is also good).
2. 2. Initially select “30 days” as the measurement period.
3. 3. Select the conversion category that matches the goal you want to set.

4. Mark-up language is ” HTML select the” (usually the home page if the HTML and select).
5. For the tracking indicator , select “Hide notifications on conversion page ” .

6. Click “Save and Next”

Step5 Install a tracking code for conversion

1. 1. Click “Change code yourself” and copy the tracking code that appears at the bottom.

2. 2. Paste the tracking code just before the </ body> tag of the program on your goal page and save it by overwriting. 3. 3. ( Return to Google AdWords screen) Click “Finish” at the bottom of the screen to complete the setting.


 Conversion settings are a very useful feature when looking at the effectiveness of your ads . So the ad if you set in front of the advertising, would be more better ( Google AdWords is, “the first time” the ad because it has become a specification that can not be advertising prior to the conversion settings).

Be sure to set it after posting and use it for its cost effectiveness.

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