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What is Instagram Branded Content Advertising? Easy-to-understand explanation of features, setting methods and procedures

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are conducting influencer marketing using popular Instagrammers on Instagram . Do you know what is called “brand content advertising”, which is a new service on Instagram ?

Brand content advertising, which can be used for PR and advertisement distribution on Instagram in a form different from conventional influencer marketing, is now attracting a lot of attention because it can be effectively marketed by making good use of it.

This time, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the features and effects of Instagram brand content ads and the setting method when actually delivering brand content ads.

What is Instagram Brand Content Advertising?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Instagram branded content ads look like.

What is Instagram Brand Content Advertising?

Instagram brand content advertising is one of the distribution methods of Instagram advertisements that allows companies and brands to distribute organic posts (normal photo and video postings) created by creators (Instagrammers, etc.) as their own advertisements.

Companies can distribute high-quality content created by creators as their own advertisements, and creators have the advantage of WIN-WIN, which allows their posts to be widely distributed as corporate advertisements.

Brand content advertising was launched as an official Instagram ad distribution service in June 2019, and is widely used as a highly effective ad distribution method.

Differences between Instagram “brand content ads” and “tie-up post tags”

The Instagram tie-up post tag is attached when an Instagrammer (influencer) posts a PR for a product or service at the request of a company, and it is called “tie-up post with XX” at the bottom of the user name. It is written in the form. (* Notation of “Paid Partnership” in the red frame in the above image)

It shows the relationship between companies affiliated with Instagrammer such as giving and receiving products and money, clarifying the relationship between Instagrammer and company to avoid problems such as stealth marketing, and posting is PR The tie-up post tag is attached to make it easier to understand.

The tie-up post tag is attached to the PR post posted by the Instagrammer at the request of the company, and the brand content advertisement that the company delivers the organic post of the Instagrammer as an advertisement is who is performing the PR. It depends on.


  • Tie-up post tag While
    clarifying the relationship between influencers and companies, [influencers] promote the brand with their own accounts
  • Brand Content Advertising While
    clarifying the relationship between influencers and companies, [company] distributes influencer posts as their own advertisements on Instagram.

It will be.

The Instagram tie-up post tags are explained in detail in the following article. Please also see.

Benefits of Instagram Branded Content Advertising

High-quality images and videos of popular Instagrammers can be delivered as advertising creatives

The first big advantage is that you can distribute photos and videos of popular creator Instagrammer as your own advertisement .

Instagrammers have tens of thousands to millions of followers (fans) and are good at creating content that appeals to their followers.

By delivering content that “sticks” to targets with less advertising odor as corporate advertisements, you can expect the effect of increasing the advertising engagement of your own brand.

Detailed targeting and expansion of distribution destinations using Facebook’s advertising data

When serving Instagram ads, you can use the ad data provided by Facebook for targeting.

Since Facebook is a real name SNS, it has various data such as gender and age, race and residential area, hobbies / preferences, occupation and life stage, and can be set as an advertisement delivery destination, so detailed and accurate targeting can be done. It is possible to do it.

Therefore, brand content ads can be delivered to users other than their own account and Instagrammer’s followers by utilizing the advertising tools provided by Facebook .

Instagram ads that are in line with marketing purposes because you can control the delivery range of ads, such as focused delivery to those who are likely to be interested in your own brand and test delivery to new demographics to expand the market. The point that it can be delivered is also attractive.

Measure the effectiveness of branded content ads with Instagram Insight and Facebook Ad Manager

For brand content advertising, you can measure the advertising effectiveness from various perspectives by using the analysis tool “Insight” officially provided by Instagram and “Advertising Manager” of Facebook .

With the insight function, you can get various information such as the transition of the number of followers of the account, the details of the follower layer, the action for the advertisement and the timing of the action.

At the same time, the Facebook ad manager used when delivering ads can also measure the effectiveness of ads, so it is easy to measure the effectiveness of ad delivery from various perspectives, and it is also useful for PDCA execution.

Works well with influencer marketing

“Influencer marketing” is to have popular instagrammers publicize products by having followers of instagrammers (influencers) publicize branded products and services so that many users can purchase products and use services. It is a marketing method that promotes and aims to increase the number of fans and followers of companies and brands.

In influencer marketing, information is basically delivered only to Instagrammer’s followers, but by utilizing brand content advertising, it is possible to further increase the dissemination of information about brand products and services.

It is also possible to utilize synergies such as having Instagrammers publicize their products and services to promote their followers’ awareness, and by distributing brand content advertisements, which leads to the recall and sales promotion of their own brand .

Influencer marketing is explained in detail in the following article, so please use it as well.

Can prevent stealth marketing

Stealth marketing is a very annoying problem in the marketing industry.

When it is discovered that they are doing stealth marketing, companies lose a lot of trust from consumers and society, which makes it very difficult to promote business and restore credit.

Brand content ads that deliver organic posts from Instagrammers (influencers) as ads are clearly displayed as “advertisement” in the account name part of the ad post, and like the tie-up post tag, “tie-up with 〇〇” It is also clearly stated as “post”, and it is possible to firmly prevent stealth marketing.

Instagram branded content ad types and where they are delivered

There are two types of Instagram brand content ads available: “feed ads” and “stories ads.” The locations where branded content ads are delivered are:

Instagram feed screen

Branded Content Ads Feeds Your ads will appear on your Instagram feed screen.

The feed screen is, so to speak, the home screen of Instagram. If it is another SNS, it corresponds to the “timeline” or “news feed”, and since it is the screen that is displayed when the application is opened, it will be seen by all Instagram users and reach many users. The feature is that you can do it.

Instagram Stories screen

Stories ads for branded content ads are stories-style ads that are displayed in full screen on your smartphone.

It is characterized by its high appeal due to its large impact of being displayed in full screen on the screen of a smartphone.

Instagram discovery tab

You can also serve branded content ads as a new ad type, “Discovery Tab Ads,” which was launched in June 2019. The discovery tab is a page that can be opened by tapping the magnifying glass icon on the Instagram app.

Discover tab ads allow you to reach users who are looking for new information, favorite posts and users. It is also possible to deliver the feed ads and stories ads introduced earlier to the Discovery tab.

How and how to set up and serve Instagram branded content ads

Next, I will explain the method and procedure for setting up and delivering Instagram brand content ads.

In particular

  1. [Company] Set Instagram as a business account
  2. [Company] Approve influencers as business partners
  3. [Influencer] Allow companies to deliver brand content advertisements and post PR
  4. [Company] Distribute influencer PR posts as their own Instagram ads
  5. [Company] Check the effectiveness of advertising

We will perform from distribution of brand content to measurement of effect according to the flow of.

Let’s explain each step in detail.

1. [Company] Set Instagram as a business account

First, move your Instagram account to a business account to serve branded content ads .

After the transition to Instagram of business account, set the contact button on the profile screen of Instagram or can be, a free analysis tool “Insight feature” or can take advantage of, deliver Instagram advertising , such as can be, will be essential in the business use of Instagram So if you haven’t migrated yet, we recommend that you set it at this opportunity.

Please use the following article for details on migrating to an Instagram business account.

2. [Company] Approve influencers as business partners

Before serving branded content ads, you must first register your appointed influencer (Instagrammer) and approve it as a collaborative business partner. The procedure is as follows:

First, in the Instagram app, tap “Settings” from the “Hamburger Menu” at the top right of your business profile .

Then tap “Business” in the settings menu . In addition, tap “Brand Content” in the business menu .

The brand content approval page will be displayed. First , turn on (blue) the “Approval required” switch .

Then tap “Approved Accounts” to search for and select the username of the Instagrammer (influencer) to be used as the brand content ad.

* Searchable Instagrammers must comply with Instagram policy. If the target affiliated user is not displayed even after searching, check the policy contents.

When you find the Instagrammer (influencer) you want, tap the user . The selected user will have a checkmark on the right and will be listed.

Once selected, you will be returned to the branded content approval page. Check if the number of “Approved Accounts” has increased by the number of people , and tap the “Done” button on the upper right .

This completes the approval of Instagrammer (influencer). Instagrammers (influencers) can now tag posts with tie-up posts with companies and post PR posts.

3. [Influencer] Allow companies to deliver as brand content advertisements and post PR

Influencers need to allow companies to serve their posts as branded content ads.

I will introduce each setting method of “Instagram feed post” and “Instagram stories post”.

[Caution] As of November 2019, Instagram brand content ads can only be delivered as still images and videos. Carousel ads that post multiple moving images cannot be used, so check the content.

How to allow branded content ads on Instagram feed posts

First, make a PR post to use for advertising. Let’s finish editing such as filters by the procedure of normal Instagram posting. On the caption entry screen for the last post, tap “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen .

Then tap “Tag Business Partners” in the branded content menu .

If this is your first time posting a tie-up with a brand or delivering a brand content ad, you will need to acquire a brand content tool . That said, all you have to do is tap the Get Tool button.

When your branded content tool is ready , tap Tag Business Partners .

Search and select the account of the affiliated company in advance , and tagging is completed. When you return to the details screen, you will see the accounts of the companies you have tagged as business partners.

You will be able to post tie-ups with companies approved by Instagrammers (influencers).

In addition, set the “Allow business partners to advertise” switch to “On (blue)” .

Now companies can serve Instagrammer tie-up posts as ads.

Finally, check the content of the post and tap the “Share” button on the upper right to post a PR.

An organic post that clearly shows the relationship between the company and Instagrammer will be displayed in the Instagram feed post with the tag “Tie-up post with ●●” .

By tapping the tie-up post tag, you can move to the company’s Instagram account.

How to allow branded content ads on Instagram Stories posts

The method of delivering Instagram Stories posts as brand content ads is the same as for feed posts.

First, edit the images and videos to be posted as Instagram Stories, and create a Stories post to be delivered with a brand content advertisement.

Select the “link” icon at the top of the post .

On the Other Options screen, select the partner company in “Tag as Business Partner “ and turn on the “Allow Business Partner Promotion” switch.

As shown on the left of the screen below, the business partner is displayed, and the setting is completed with the promotion by the business partner permitted, so you will return to the story editing screen.

Make sure the “link icon” is selected and post as you would a regular story post.

4. [Company] How to distribute influencer PR posts as your own Instagram advertisement

After posting the Instagrammer (influencer) who has permission to distribute the brand content advertisement, the company will set the advertisement distribution.

Instagram brand content ads will be delivered by “Facebook Ad Manager” of Facebook , the parent company of Instagram .

First of all, go to Facebook Ad Manager. Display Facebook and click “Manage Ads” from the menu button .

The Facebook ad manager will be displayed. Click “+ Create” to move to the ad creation screen.

We will set up brand content ads in the flow of “Create a new campaign” .

Set your marketing objectives from “Brand awareness”, “Traffic”, “Conversion”, etc., just like regular Instagram ad distribution, and click “Next” .

Next, you will see a screen where you can set the audience (delivery target), ad placement, budget, delivery period, and so on.

In the ad placement item, you can set where in Instagram your branded content ads will appear.

Basically, it is recommended to use automatic placement because optimization by machine learning can be promoted, but you can also set the delivery location yourself.

Once you’ve set everything up according to what your ad will serve , click Next at the bottom .

On the Identity and Ad Creative Settings page, click Use Existing Post to create a branded content ad .

Select any content posted on Facebook page or Instagram as an ad creative.

Click “Select Post” .

Select the “Brand Content” tab on the post selection screen . Select the posts you want to serve as branded content ads from the list of posts allowed to be promoted by influencers (Instagrammers).

Select the post you want and click “Next” .

A preview of the ad will be displayed, so make sure that there are no problems with the content.

Set the “Web page URL” that is the transition destination when you tap and click the ad and the “Call to action” action button, and if there are no problems , click “Execute” at the bottom .

This completes the distribution settings for brand content ads.

Instagram brand content will be delivered according to preset contents such as period, budget, delivery location.

5. [Company] Check the effectiveness of advertising

Once your branded content ad is placed, Ad Manager’s standard ad reporting metrics will be available.

Posts of brand content ads that are posted will be displayed to the brand collaboration manager and can be confirmed. You can access the Brand Collaboration Manager (Facebook Advertising Manager) from the Facebook page.

Make a clear contract between the company and the influencer about the use of advertising

Brand content advertising is a method of delivering organic posts of appointed influencers (Instagrammers) as advertisements.

Since it is a method that is established by the approval of both the company and the influencer, a clear contract is concluded based on the agreement of both parties so that troubles will not occur in advance regarding the delivery period and rights of the advertisement, the reward to the influencer, etc. before the advertisement is delivered. It is important that you do not have any trouble afterwards.

* Unless the influencer turns off “Allow promotion by business partners”, companies can advertise many times, so let’s arrange the delivery period in advance.

* In the case of brand content ads on Instagram Stories, companies can re-deliver them as ads even after the ads have been delivered, so make an arrangement in advance.

Currently, carousel posts cannot be delivered as branded content ads

“carousel post” that allows you to share multiple photos and videos in one post and view it like a slide show by swiping .

Although it is a carousel post that has a large amount of information and can be delivered with high appeal even in Instagram ads, it cannot be delivered as a brand content ad as of November 2019.

Current situation, can be distributed as a brand content ads only feed posts and Stories Posted let’s be careful because it is.

Advertisers cannot manage post captions and comments for brand content ads (influencer posts are reprinted as is)

Again, brand content ads will deliver organic posts from influencers (Instagrammers) as ads. Unlike other Instagram ads, influencers have the authority to manage post captions and comments.

Please note that advertisers such as companies cannot manage the posted captions and attached comments of brand content ads, and the posted content created by influencers will be delivered as brand content ads as they are.

Make sure that the company and influencers make a firm arrangement for managing post captions and comments.

Summary about Instagram brand content ads

We have explained about Instagram brand content advertising, which is attracting attention as a new advertising method on Instagram. How was it? There are many elements that are different from traditional Instagram advertising and influencer marketing, and many people may find it difficult.

It is certainly a brand content advertisement that requires a lot of attention when operating, but if you use it well, you can expect a high advertising effect and it is compatible with influencer marketing, so it is possible to promote more effectively by using it together.

Brand content advertising is still in its infancy, and the number of companies using it is gradually increasing. Why don’t you take this opportunity to take advantage of it?

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