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Unified management of multiple accounts: features, functions and usage of Google advertising client center

If you are running multiple Google advertising accounts, it is cumbersome to log in and manage separately from each account. This is a convenient tool for managing a single account in one place.

This time, I will explain the basic knowledge of the client center of Google Advertising for the purpose of operating the Google advertisement. Please tell me about what you can do in the client center of the Google advertisement really, from Merritt to usage.

What is the Google Ads Client Center (MCC)?

The Google Ads Client Center (MCC) is a tool that allows you to manage other MCC accounts and multiple Google Ads accounts in one place. If you have multiple advertising accounts , it is troublesome and troublesome to switch accounts each time you edit , so it is suitable for people who have multiple clients such as agencies.

Google says, “The Google Ads Client Center Online Ads Manager saves you time by logging in once and reporting on multiple accounts , managing permissions, and billing for integration from a single dashboard. I can do it. “
If you have multiple Google Ads accounts , you can use the Google Ads Client Center to improve your work efficiency and make your ads easier to operate.

Features and benefits of Google Ads Client Center

Next, I will explain what you can actually do with the Google Ads Client Center, along with the specific features and benefits.

1. You can manage campaigns for multiple accounts at once.

As I mentioned earlier, the Google Ads Client Center allows you to manage and create multiple accounts with just one login . These include changing your daily budget, stopping campaigns , labeling, creating automation rules, alert settings, email notification settings, and more. You can do these tasks from one dashboard, so you don’t have to waste time, and you can search for and operate accounts to improve work efficiency.

2, you can compare the results of all accounts

Centrally managing all your advertising accounts in the Google Ads Client Center makes it easier to compare the performance of multiple accounts . It is also possible to measure conversions and automatically create and share everything from keyword posting result reports to detailed analysis reports. By checking the number of impressions by keyword, you can understand what kind of keyword is good for you.

This will speed up verification and improvement, such as making corrections based on the success stories of other Google Ads accounts , which will help improve the performance of Google Ads .

3, easy to manage jointly

The Google Ads Client Center can be jointly managed and operated by granting access rights to users other than yourself . You can change the administrative authority depending on the user , such as administrator or standard , which is convenient when operating as a team.

“This account to the user because it only to invite enter your e-mail address from the invite”, access rights can be easily granted. If you are full of operations for multiple accounts , why not take advantage of it?

4, you can combine billing for multiple accounts

If you manage accounts for multiple clients, you will be billed individually, which can be a hassle. The Google Ads Client Center has an integrated billing feature, which is convenient because you can combine monthly bills for all client accounts (child accounts ) into one.

You can get budget change information from the Google Ads Client Center dashboard and register your billing account .

5, You can manage multiple accounts without mistakes with the alert function

The more Google Ads accounts you have in operation, the more complicated your management becomes, and the more likely you are to make mistakes such as accidentally forgetting to process them. The Google Ads Client Center has an alert function that makes it easy to set alerts for all linked accounts and operate smoothly without omission.

The types of alerts that can be set are “Payment alert”, “Keyword and ad alert (low-performing keywords, disapproved ads, etc.)”, ” Campaign alert”, and “Budget alert” Account alert ( because the account information is incomplete). (Invalid, etc.) ”.

6. You can share the remarketing list in your account

Google ad MCC account not only the management of, link Then another account of the re- marketing share of the list is also available. Li marketing and the list, Web site visited the user or application user that of the list, the search advertising already in his visit to their site users to the ad can be deployed to customize, bid unit price likely to be displayed by pulling up on the You can expect high advertising effectiveness by doing so.

Re- marketing to share the list marketing tag be carried out share, brand and product-specific Google advertising account even if you are divided, re in bulk marketing tag to the site by issuing the tag , such as more efficient to reduce the number of installation There are merits of.

How to use the Google Ads Client Center

In fact Google advertising towards those who want to use the MCC, Google ads will introduce the procedure of creating MCC.

Create an account for the Google Ads Client Center (MCC)
Click “Create Client Center (MCC)” on the above site, enter the basic information in the input form, and basic Set up an account .

MCC account the intended use of, its own account If you run the “my account to manage.”, Other companies such as agency account When operating the “other users of the account select the. To manage.” let’s do it.

Register an advertising account

MCC account When you create, to operate the account to create a new, existing account to link to. To create a new account , fill in the required fields from ” Account > Results> New Account ” and create with either a Google Ads account or an AdWords Express account .

Existing account the link If you are ” account > Management> existing account a link from the” link enter your ID to press “send a request” button. After that, you will receive an email request for access to your account , so click the “Accept Request” button to complete the link .

By the way, link the Google advertising the MCC account If you want to release from, the link has been Google account at the top of the “Tools”, “Settings> account and select the access rights”, MCC want to cancel the account of “access rights You can cancel it by clicking “Delete”.

Easier managing multiple accounts with the Google Ads Client Center

If you want to manage multiple Google Ads accounts efficiently. The Google Ads Client Center (MCC) is an essential and excellent tool. Operate Google Ads efficiently in the Google Ads Client Center to improve ad performance. Please use it positively to strengthen your marketing .

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