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What is the chief planner of Google ads?Explain the summary succinctly

Advertising on the web is a technique that is always used in the field of web marketing . Effect is likely to be expected, but is the point of budget management also can be made easily, advertising is not only advertising, can say is when there is a success or failure in the subsequent management. In this article, ads posted on Google we will give you an easy-to-understand overview of the “reach planner” that can be used to measure the effectiveness of .

What is possible with the reach planner

First, let’s take a look at an overview of Google Reach Planner.

Reach Planner is a planning tool for Google Ads campaigns that allows you to accurately plan reach-based video campaigns on YouTube, video partner sites, and apps . ” Source: About Reach Planner

In other words, using the reach planner, you can not only investigate the reach of your ads , but also compare their effectiveness.

Specifically, you will be able to adjust items such as targeting, frequency, and network. Let’s take a closer look at the specific content.

Targeting adjustment

As the name implies, targeting means “which layer you are aiming for”. Even if you place an ad , it is meaningless if the target of the ad and the target of the product to be announced are separated, so it is important to return to targeting if the effect of the ad is sluggish.

If you use the reach planner, you can find out the number of users that can be reached just by typing in the target age group, gender, region, etc., so there is an advantage that you can improve the accuracy of targeting while adjusting.

Frequency adjustment

Frequency refers to how often your ad appears. Campaign in period, one of the users with respect to advertising since represents the average number of times to be displayed, and adjusted to an appropriate frequency, advertising let’s maximize the effect of.

Understanding CPM (Cost Per Mille)

The cost of 1000 impressions ( advertisements are noticeable ) is called CPM (Cost per impression ), and it is also attractive to be able to calculate this CPM by “total” and “target unit”.

It will play an important role as a key to measuring effectiveness, as it will give you an idea of ​​whether your ad is working effectively.

Among the advertisements, Facebook (Facebook) and YouTube (YouTube) are very effective.

In recent years, content called “video advertisements ” has become a hot topic among advertisements .

Video advertising and, as the video of the name of the content is advertising plays a role of, various companies have compelling video content to create a, well advertising and marketing , and to have a role of branding user has approach to I will.

In response to this situation, many tools for creating video content in-house have appeared, so why not try working on video advertising ?

In the following articles, we will introduce tools that you can use on a low budget that you want to use when creating your own video ads , so please refer to them.

Use the share function for advertising on YouTube and SNS

The Google Ads Reach Planner allows you to capture a variety of reverberation data.

For example, YouTube and various SNS have a mechanism to share information with other users through the ” share button” , and the reach planner is also effective in analyzing such reactions.

In an era in which information is propagated from user to user , it can be said that higher marketing effects can be expected by not only disseminating information but also paying attention to the subsequent response .

Let’s use it to check from customer feedback to sales

Advertising management and optimization is also an effective way to promote your products.

In recent years, the number of companies opening their own YouTube pages and disseminating business information on Facebook etc. has increased. On top of that, content is placed in the form of video ads to reach more people than they would normally find.

In other words, companies are moving platform form not only to enter into or SNS, is atmosphere and use of the channel user tailored to the content created a, advertising and advertising the user get found, the flow such as is born There is.

Reach planners are one of the important tools and have become indispensable for web marketing in order to check how much response the advertised advertisements are producing .

Optimize your ads with Reach Planner

With the reach planner introduced in this article, you can easily measure the effect of user feedback on promotions such as video ads , which will lead to future sales.

It can be used by a wide range of businesses, from sole proprietors to large companies, so please refer to this article and take advantage of it.

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