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What is Google Ad Editor? How to use it to make advertising operations surprisingly easy

If you’re advertising on the Internet, most people will consider Google Ads . Google advertising to when operating a free tool that many people are using Google advertising is the editor.
This time Google advertising is directed towards to operate the, Google ads will explain the basics of the editor. We ‘ll show you what you can actually do, from the types of ads you can use in Google Ads Editor to how to use them, so please take a look.

What is Google Ad Editor?

Google Ads Editor ( Google The Editor Ads), Google advertising campaign to manage the application by the application, you can download for free. Google Ads is an advertising service provided by Google , formerly known as ” Google AdWords ” . There are mainly ” Google listing ads (also known as GSN)”, ” Google display ads (also known as GDN)”, ” Google video ads (YouTube)”, etc., and it is a service that many people use when advertising on the Internet . ..

Google ad even if there is no editor Google advertising but you can operate, because you can batch edit offline, multiple advertising campaigns have carried out, a lot of keywords and advertising to set the advertising people that are running the Google advertising Using an editor is more productive, more efficient, and easier to operate.

What you can do with Google Ad Editor

Google has announced that you can use the Google Ads Editor to:

  • Make multiple changes quickly with the bulk editing tool.
  • Share suggestions and apply changes to your account by exporting and importing files .
  • View campaign performance data.
  • Manage, edit and view multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Multiple ad groups and campaigns in text search and replace.
  • Copy and move items between ad groups and campaigns .
  • Undo and redo multiple changes when editing a campaign .
  • Draft your changes before uploading to your account .
  • Work offline. 

In this way, it is a big advantage that you can change, modify, delete, etc. at once by batch editing. By mastering these functions, the efficiency of advertising operations will increase and it will be easier to demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising . If you are actively using or want to use online advertising , why not download and use the free Google Ads editor.

Types of Google Ads that can be used in the Google Ad Editor

Here’s a list of all the types of ads you can use in Google Ads Editor .

  •  Text ads

This is a text-only advertisement .

  • Image advertising

This is an image advertisement .

  • Display advertising was created by the builder ad

Display Ad Builder is a tool that makes it easy to create image ads within your AdWords account .

  • Dynamic search advertising

Paid search advertising is one of the, advertising main of the Web site based on highly relevant to the search terms page the link is set to destination, automatically advertising and advertising. Since the ad text is also created automatically, you can automate the three tasks of keyword selection / registration and ad text creation.

  • Product shopping advertising

With an advertisement that can display the product image, name, price, store name, company name, etc. on the search screen according to the user ‘s search results , you can be guided to the purchase screen in one stop.

  • Video ads

This is an ad for a video displayed on YouTube or the Google Display Network .

  • Promoted video ads

It is a video advertisement that is automatically displayed on YouTube etc. in conjunction with the keyword specified by the user .

  • Phone-only ads

This advertisement is displayed only on devices that can make calls, and you can make phone inquiries by clicking it.

  • Ads using the parameters ad

Yahoo! promotion advertising , such as, Google advertising other than advertising If you want to measure the inflow from, the link destination of the URL to Google with the parameters of Analytics Google has in cooperation with Analytics advertising is the.

  • Ad template ad

Ad Templates You can download ads and copy them to other campaigns in the same account .

  • App appeal advertisement

This is an app appeal advertisement that is displayed on Google related sites on mobile devices . You can download it and copy it to other campaigns in the same account .

Besides, the app install ads , app engagement ads , Gmail advertising , showcase advertising , extended dynamic search ad , responsive advertising , such as the Google ads will be available in the editor.

How to get started with Google Ad Editor

In fact Google advertising towards those who want to use the editor, Google ads will introduce the beginning how the editor.

1. Download Google Ads Editor
” Google from download Ads Editor” Google advertising to free download the editor.

2. Download your account information and Google advertising data

Download your account information from the home screen of Google Ads Editor and link it.

1. Press the “+ Add” button on the home screen
2. Click “Open browser and log in”
3. Log in to your account from the Google Ads login screen that is automatically displayed in the new browser, and the displayed authentication Paste the code into your Google Ads editor and press “OK” 4. Select the account you want to download and press “OK” 5. Select “All Campaigns ” and press “OK”

3. Use after updating to the latest data every time

Whenever you use the Google Ads Editor, press “Get Latest Changes” to update to the latest data before operating.

How to set up search ads in Google Ad Editor

Learn how to set up search ads in the Google Ads Editor . Search advertising and is listing ad that of, may be set characters and words associated with the products and services of the company, the user is Google when you search by typing the keyword in the search, the ad so that is displayed Thing.

1. Create a new campaign

“+ Campaign , click the Add a”, “search number of the top of the pull-down campaign new and select Add” campaign to create a. Fill in the red frame and set the campaign in the same way as creating
Google Ads .

2. Add / set ad groups

In the lower left corner of the screen campaign – ad from a group ad select the group, “+ of the top advertising and press the Add a group”. From there , fill in the ad group settings.

3, add keywords to the ad group

As with 1 and 2, add keywords from “+ Add keyword” at the top.

4, set the ad text in the ad group

Finally, add a text ad and you’re done. You can enter the ad text directly in the ad editor and a preview will be displayed, so please set it while checking for yourself.

5, send to account

When the settings are complete, press “↑ Send” in the upper right corner to send the ad editor information to the management screen and you’re done. Please check the preview screen before sending and then press send.

Google Ad Editor is a free and efficient tool

If you want to run Internet advertising in earnest, Google Ads Editor is a good tool to have. If you place a lot of advertisements , it can be said that it is an indispensable tool that can be edited in bulk.

Can be downloaded for free apps because it is application, first it is recommended to start from the fact that you are familiar with. It’s easy to operate with a simple screen, so you should be able to use it while you’re touching it. Streamline your ad operations with Google Ads Editor and be more productive.

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