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Operation: How to set up conversion for Google AdWords

Once you’ve placed your Google AdWords ad , it’s time to set up conversions to measure your ad effectiveness. And make the conversion settings, the home page and the results of the ad , you can know the relationship. So, prior to the conversion settings, the home page would be whether the purpose of what’s good (the document request settlement or purpose the case for or purpose of […]

Facebook page “general information” settings

Create a Facebook page and it’s not complete! In order to operate the Facebook page , be sure to make additional settings, not just the standard settings. It is very important when running a Facebook page as a business, such as having multiple managers . In this article, we will explain the important settings that should be set before operating the Facebook page . In addition, log in to the Facebook page and click “Settings” at […]

What is Instagram Branded Content Advertising? Easy-to-understand explanation of features, setting methods and procedures

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are conducting influencer marketing using popular Instagrammers on Instagram . Do you know what is called “brand content advertising”, which is a new service on Instagram ? Brand content advertising, which can be used for PR and advertisement distribution on Instagram in a form different from conventional influencer marketing, is now […]

Unified management of multiple accounts: features, functions and usage of Google advertising client center

If you are running multiple Google advertising accounts, it is cumbersome to log in and manage separately from each account. This is a convenient tool for managing a single account in one place. This time, I will explain the basic knowledge of the client center of Google Advertising for the purpose of operating the Google […]

What is the chief planner of Google ads?Explain the summary succinctly

Advertising on the web is a technique that is always used in the field of web marketing . Effect is likely to be expected, but is the point of budget management also can be made easily, advertising is not only advertising, can say is when there is a success or failure in the subsequent management. In this article, ads posted on Google we will give you an easy-to-understand overview […]

What is “Unauthorized Click on Web Ads” that does not lead to 100% CV? I asked an operation professional about the actual situation and how to prevent it.

Web advertising that consumes the budget as much as it is clicked . Web ads , which are only charged when you visit an LP or website , seem to be an efficient ad that only delivers information to the right prospects . But on the other hand, did you know that these web ads have the weakness that “no matter who clicks on them, you will incur money” ? In recent years, in the web advertising industry, “illegal clicks” , in […]

What is Google Ad Editor? How to use it to make advertising operations surprisingly easy

If you’re advertising on the Internet, most people will consider Google Ads . Google advertising to when operating a free tool that many people are using Google advertising is the editor.This time Google advertising is directed towards to operate the, Google ads will explain the basics of the editor. We ‘ll show you what you can actually do, from the types of ads you can use in Google Ads Editor to how to use them, so please take a look. What is Google Ad Editor? […]

Promote your app in the “App Campaign” of “Google Advertising”

Google search and YouTube, Google such as Play Google in the use of related sites, particular smartphone app encourage the installation of ad you may see the. This is one of the menus in ” Google Ads ” and is called ” App Campaign “. You can also use this menu to promote your app and encourage more internet users to install it. In this article, we will explain the basic knowledge of the ” Google Ads App Campaign ” and the procedure for advertising for those who […]