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If you want to study Python grammar, use Google Colaboratory and videos

I’m learning by watching at least one video a day because I feel that studying with videos is more in my head than buying reference books and other teaching materials. So far, you can learn the basics of Python with an investment of $0 . Recommended videos, Hayate plus’s this series of ↓Introduction to Python [2020 Edition]Share your videos with […]

4 basics of article creation that you should know when conducting content marketing

Google search engine now went up the accuracy of, external links than the amount of the home page in the content quality of the now evaluated. When it comes to content marketing , it’s not just about adding more content . Its target users or are aligned much of the information that they need, it has viewpoints become a point of. This time, I will introduce an article that summarizes the basics that you should keep […]

Summary of OGP setting method for Facebook / Twitter

Do you have set OGP on the home page operating at the website? OGP is an abbreviation for “Open Graph protocol”. When shared on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter , the title , URL , summary, and featured image ( thumbnail ) of the page are displayed correctly as intended. It can be said that it is an indispensable setting in order for many people to see the article through the spread […]