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I can’t listen anymore! Explaining the blocking function of Twitter

When using SNS, you may encounter spam accounts and accounts that act as annoying acts . If this happens with yourcorporate account , it is highly likely that you will interfere with communication with other general users , so it is safe to use the block function to cut off your involvement on Twitter . However, there are many people who do not understand what kind of functions they have, only those that are not […]

Setting up a custom audience in Facebook ads and how to create a similar audience

With Facebook ads , you can specify the users (audience) you want to promote in detail. However, it is a rough idea of ​​gender, age, and attributes. If you have a specific list and you can place advertisements based on it, you can expect an effect, such a setting is a custom audience . Upload the list to be held in Facebook, it would like to advertise on the basis […]

How to instantly solve the problem that thumbnails are not displayed when posting or sharing on Facebook

If you run a blog or media, you may have had a problem when you publish an article and share it on Facebook, because the featured image or title is not displayed. This time, I will show you how to display the featured image and title correctly when posting to Facebook immediately after publishing the blog . Why is it not reflected immediately? There’s more than one reason, but the number one reason why featured images and titles aren’t reflected […]

How to find out how social media works with Google Analytics

If you operate social media such as Facebook pages , you can check the results with Google Analytics. In particular, there are reports unique to social media , such as the reaction to the access status in real time, and it should be impressive. On the other hand, there are some things that cannot be done, so you need to be careful, so we will introduce important indicators and operations […]

Facebook page “general information” settings

Create a Facebook page and it’s not complete! In order to operate the Facebook page , be sure to make additional settings, not just the standard settings. It is very important when running a Facebook page as a business, such as having multiple managers . In this article, we will explain the important settings that should be set before operating the Facebook page . In addition, log in to the Facebook page and click “Settings” at […]