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What is Google Advertising Certification? Explain the merits and acquisition method

As the number of companies operating web advertising is increasing, the qualification that is currently attracting attention is the ” Google Advertising Certification” . Although it is less well known than qualifications such as bookkeeping and TOEIC, it is a highly regarded qualification in the web advertising industry .

In this article, we will give you an overview of Google Ads certification and the benefits of acquiring it.

What is Google Ads Certification?

Google advertising ? Qualification Certification, Google has provided Google advertising is a qualification on. By holding a Google certification, you can show that you have knowledge of Google Advertising . Now advertising who want to work in the agency, also in-house advertising is the qualification of the recommended, such as those who want to change to the production department.

Types of certifications that can be obtained

The following four subjects are provided for Google Ads certification.

● Search advertising You can prove that you have knowledge about various search advertisements such
as automatic bidding and marketing ability using audience solutions .

● Display Advertising It is possible to prove your ability to plan strategies , create campaigns , and market using
display advertising .

● Video ads You can prove the knowledge and abilities required to use various video ads , such as the development of
video ads using YouTube and how to reach prospective customers .

● Shopping ads You can demonstrate your ability to operate shopping ads , such as creating and optimizing
shopping campaigns to maximize conversions and reach .

Various Google Ads certifications are available in 22 languages ​​including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. If you get at least one of the above, you can appeal that you have Google Ads certification. The more you qualify for multiple subjects, the more you can show that you are familiar with the operation of Google Ads .

One way to do this is to check in advance what kind of Google Ads skills you are looking for and narrow down the qualifications you need to acquire.

Benefits of using Google Ads certification

The benefits of using Google Ads certification include:

  • Show off your Google Ads expertise
  • Help your agency get the Google Partner badge
  • Can be entered in the resume when finding a job or changing jobs

Show off your Google Ads expertise

By using the Google Ads certification, you can show that you have Google Ads expertise. If you show your certification when you have a business talk or an interview with a customer, you can get a job in advertising operation.

Help your agency get the Google Partner badge

Having a Google Ads certification helps your agency get the Google Partner badge. We ‘ll talk more about the Google Partner badge later, but in a nutshell, it’s proof that you ‘re an authorized Google Ads agency.

Advertising agency Google ads in order to become an authorized dealer of the advertising agency Google ad you need to members that hold certifications are more than one person . Having your own Google certification allows you to create an opportunity for your agency to become an authorized agency.

Can be entered in the resume when finding a job or changing jobs

You can include your Google Ads certification on your resume when you get a job or change jobs . If you have Google Ads certification, you can appeal as an immediate force for Google Ads operations. It’s not a bad idea to get a qualification after joining the company, but if you have a qualification before joining the company, you can make a difference to the job seekers around you.

To qualify for Google Ads

Next, let’s check the steps to get the Google Ads certification and the recommended learning methods for getting the certification.

Procedure to take the exam

You can take the Google Ads Certification Exam on the web. All that is required to take the Google account only is. If you do not have a Google account yet , create one before taking the exam. To take the test, first Google ad home page and access to. Then select the qualification you want to take from the skill shop page .

The exam time is 75 minutes, and about 50 multiple-choice questions are given. If you can answer 80% or more correctly, you will pass . Even if you fail the exam, you can retake it 24 hours later, so you can challenge repeatedly.

Recommended learning method

To study the Google Ads Certification Exam, we recommend using the official Google Ads Certification help. The content of the help is very substantial, and if you remember the content of the help, you will be able to reach the passing level of the certification exam.

Even if you don’t take the Google Ads certification exam, the official help content is useful for advertising operations. It is also recommended to use it for in- house advertising operation training. It ‘s good to use books and learning apps , but it’s a good idea to start learning by learning the official Google Ads help.

How to maintain Google Ads certification

The Google Ads certification is valid for one year after acquisition . After the expiration date, you will need to take the comprehension test for each service area again. If you do not pass the retake,you will not be able to present your Google Ads certification. Please note that if you continue posting without permission, it will be a false qualification.

If you stop studying just because you passed the exam once, you may not be able to pass the re-examination. There is no problem if you are engaged in advertising operation work on a daily basis , but if you are not involved in any special work, we recommend that you continue studying.

Differences between Google Ads Certification and Google Partner

Google Ads for certification and well-being confused often is, Google is Partner. Google Partner is a proof of ” Google Advertising Authorized Agency ” certified for advertising agencies . Once you become an authorized distributor, you will be able to post your ” Google Partner Badge” on your site.

Google Partner is not a certification granted to an individual. Individual Google ads to prove that they have the operational skills of, Google advertising certification will be used.

There are many agencies that appeal that there are holders of Google Ads certification among advertising agencies , but just because there are holders of advertising certification , they are authorized agencies of Google Ads. Not always. Please note that you need to determine if you are an authorized distributor based on whether you are certified as a Google Partner.

Strengthen your career as a web marketer with Google Ads certification

Google Ads By holding the certification, own Google advertising appeal the operational skills and knowledge you can. It’s a perfect qualification for anyone who wants to work in the web advertising industry, so consider it aggressively.

Google Ads certification can be obtained by passing the exam. The exam can be taken online, so even those who are busy with work during the day can take on the challenge without difficulty. You can study through the official help of Google Ads , and you can reach the passing level without purchasing books, so please study using the official help first.

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