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6 Google Search Options to Help Web Professionals

The Google search engine used by half of the Internet users in the world . Since its birth in 1998, the user easy-to-use for the search engine has been a frequent renovation with the aim of. As it specializes in search, there are various search methods that meet the needs of users . This time, we have summarized the Google search methods that are useful to know . There is also a convenient search method when investigating competition, so if you are a web person, please check it out.

1. “Site:” where you can search the number of indexes

If you enter “site: ( URL )” in the search window, a list of indexes existing in that domain will be displayed. For reference, the home of the competition page of the index whether the number is how much some of the Try to keep track of. Also, if you enter ” site: ( URL ) (keyword)”, you can search whether is used under that domain .

2. “all in title:” that allows you to search for homepages that include the specified keyword in the title

If you search with: “allintitle “, is the title (meta tags home is included in the portion corresponding to) page list is displayed.
Since the title is an important part of the high-level display measures , it can be inferred that there is a high possibility that the keyword contained in the title = the keyword is used for the measures.
Search for “all in title” using the countermeasure keywords set by your company to find out the competitors.

3. “related:” that allows you to search for similar sites

: “Related ( URL if a user searches)”, entered URL home page similar to the site and will be displayed in a list.
By the way, the home of the Prime Minister’s Office page try to search on, the Cabinet Office and the government public relations online came out. It seems that the contents are read firmly.

4. “link:” to check the backlink

: “Link ( URL a search for)”, the URL of the link home is stuck page will be displayed.
This is useful not only for your company but also when you want to check the backlinks of competitors .

5. “-” that can exclude specific keywords from the search

You can search for keywords that do not include with “-“.
For example, – If you search for “restaurant Italian”, the home has posted the restaurant information that does not contain the keyword “Italian” page is displayed.

6. Search for sites that contain one of multiple keywords

If you search for ” OR ” ( “OR” is single-byte uppercase), the home also includes either and keywords page and, the home includes only one page is displayed.


There are many searches that you may not know if you are using it normally, but that you may find useful to know. Especially, if you are a web person, please use the search method that can be used for competitive research.
Competitive research has many difficult parts, but it makes a big difference if you do it or not.
For example, understanding the competition should give you more insight into your target users and the strengths of your products.
Many of the other companies’ information is not disclosed and the difficulty level is high, but use tools such as those introduced above to accumulate competitive information as much as possible.

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