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Learn about Google Analytics opt-out add-ons

When analyzing a site with Google Analytics, if you access your site on your own computer unless you have made special settings, it will be counted as “one user “.

This time, we will introduce the ” Google Analytics opt-out add-on” that anyone can easily set up .

What is the Google Analytics opt-out add-on?

The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is Google’s official free web browser add-on developed to allow users to disable the use of data by Google Analytics .

For Google Analytics Help ,

When I visited the web site, your data is Google does not want to be used in the Analytics user is, Google can be installed the Analytics opt-out add-on.

It has been described as.
The main purpose is to “refuse the acquisition of access data when you visit various sites”, but it is also used when you want to exclude your access to your own site as an application. ..

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Analytics opt-out add-on

The advantages and disadvantages of the Google Analytics opt-out add-on are as follows.


  • Easy to install
  • Once set, it can continue to respond even if the IP address changes


  • It cannot be installed on smartphones and tablets , and access from them cannot be excluded.
  • Must be installed for each browser such as chrome or firefox
  • Does not affect access analysis tools other than Google Analytics

Let’s use it based on the above.

How to set up the Google Analytics opt-out add-on

1. URL to access

2. When you access it, the following screen will be displayed. Click “Download Google Analytics opt-out add-on
” on the right .

3. If you are using Chrome, you will be directed to the page below in the Chrome Web Store, so click “Add to CHROME” in the upper right.

4. After agreeing, click “Add”.

that’s all.
For other browsers, access the site in step 1, download the add-on, and then follow the displayed instructions to complete the operation.


I briefly explained about the opt-out add-on.
There are many other add-ons that are easy to install and useful, such as opt-out add-ons.

If you have not completed the settings, we recommend that you set them immediately.

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