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I’m surprised that you can use it for free! 10 latest WordPress templates

If you are using WordPress, here are 10 templates that you should use once. Some of the templates introduced are basically provided free of charge, but you may be charged only for using the plug-in .

Recently, in response to Google ‘s announcement (* 1) that mobile-friendly pages will be a signal for ranking on mobile, the number of templates that support responsive web design recommended by Google has increased. By all means, let’s choose the most suitable template according to the design such as usage.

10 latest WordPress templates

1. Travelify 

A free WordPress template with a full range of social media spread buttons.
It is responsive and works well with social media sharing.
Mosaic background on white background and green buttons give a cool and cool impression. The key visual is a slide show, and you can set your favorite image.
It seems that it can be used for anything, but it is suitable for use such as blogs .


It is a free WordPress template with a bold arrangement that you rarely see in domestic templates.
When displaying on a normal computer screen, the image and article headline display areas are displayed in the same size on the left and right, which is a panoramic display.
When viewing on a smartphone, the position of this image and the heading display area changes up and down, so the layout has a large impact on a PC and the display switches for easy viewing on a smartphone.
It is a template that can deepen the impression as a gimmick because it zooms when you mouse on the image.

3. Photography

As the name suggests, it is a template suitable for introducing photos and illustrations taken.
To emphasize the tint of the image, it is grouped in dark tones overall, which can also be magnified in the lightbox.
As a recommended usage, it can be used as a fashion site, brand page , for the purpose of publishing photos taken by yourself, and as an introduction page for interiors .
Clicking on the image will take you to each article page , so you can use it as a regular blog .

4. Spacious 

This theme is slightly different from the templates introduced so far, and has a layout that can be used for corporate websites of companies . The background is painted in light gray, with a white background and green buttons on it. Designs such as buttons are conscious of flat design, and are designed assuming that they will be viewed on tablets and mobiles.

5. Semicolon 

In general, arranging images of multiple sizes on one screen often breaks the layout and makes the page unsightly .
Responsive templates place images of different sizes from the beginning, yet provide a well-balanced layout .
The characteristic of the home page description of good advertising banner is placed in the upper right corner that has been installed, has become a site that can give the impression like no other.

6. Hueman 

It is a type of template with columns on the left and right, which is rare in responsive design.
Since the menu slides depending on the size of the screen, you can use the page without any discomfort .
Each article, Twitter , Facebook, Google Tasu, and in Japan, the home has so much adopted the pages of not seen Pinterest (Pintaresuto) share because there is a button, these social media is using those who are aiming at the diffusion of at How about trying it?

The top of the posts to the other has become a slider in the article, such as a smart phone device when viewing at, Tatesu crawl as well, has become a design suitable to show the article in the transverse ..


The content is laid out in blocks, and the responsive web design has a variable layout style in which the blocks move depending on the device . In addition, there are three horizontal slides on the top page , which also have a layout that makes effective use of the small display space .

The design is based on a white background, making it easy to use as a corporate website for companies . The content is also designed on the assumption that it will be used as a corporate site, such as service introductions and client introduction spaces .


The sophisticated design and layout are of a quality that makes you think it’s a really free template. Of course, it’s responsive web design, so you can use it on any device .
This is also designed for use in the business scene, and since it also has a shopping cart function, it can be used as a corporate site and shopping site for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals who sell products. I will.


What did you think. We introduced “10 latest WordPress templates”.
The good thing about WordPress is that you can easily change the design and image.

Free blog platform form in easily layout because you can not change, and also to try to begin a word press to take the plunge if there is a favorite design might hand.

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