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Easy and free! Three tips for using your smartphone / camera like a high-end digital camera. It doesn’t have to be the latest model!

In Web person in charge, blogs and people that are writing, has become many people that have been post with an image in the social person in charge. At that time, the image is a very important point that determines the impression.

Many people think, “I don’t know how to take beautiful images” and “I can’t take beautiful images without an expensive single-lens digital camera.”

In fact, you will be able to take pictures similar to high-end digital cameras just by knowing a few tips. Moreover, it’s easy with a smartphone camera!

The following images are all taken with a smartphone .

Smartphone cameras are already like luxury digital cameras

The digital camera function of smartphones is already highly functional. Some recent models are equipped with lenses similar to high-end digital cameras.

Once you get the hang of how to take a picture, you’re in an environment where you can take professional-looking pictures without being amateurish.

The in-camera (selfie) has recently become very high quality as shown in the above figure. It can be said that the environment for taking beautiful images has been set up without worrying about the angle and shooting method.

There is only one point to make the most of them.

The background of the image . If you think “That’s it ?!”, please read the following. I will explain the reason and an actual example.

Tips 1. Keep a distance from the background! Let’s get a beautiful blur

It’s actually very easy to get the same bokeh as a high-end digital camera

All you have to do is close the distance to the subject (what you want to shoot or the person you want to shoot) and keep a lot of distance from the background .

You can get a bokeh like a high-end digital camera. Even if you don’t have the latest smartphone, this is the principle of the camera, so it will always be out of focus.

Tips 2. Just organize the background and it’s refreshing!

Organizing the background is the most basic production.

The more photos you see, the more dispersed the power. After all this! You can make a professional image just by making the image stand out and eliminating the extra background.

Tips 3. Use an unfamiliar background

It’s very unique when you see something you’re not familiar with in the background.

Summary (The background is a supporting role that makes the leading role stand out)

How was that.

If the subject is the main character, the background is the supporting character.

You can see that even with a standard camera app , you can take images that are comparable to high-end digital cameras just by devising the background so that the impression of movies and dramas changes depending on the supporting role .

By all means, please use these techniques to take nice images.

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