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Cases of canceling Google penalties, 2 cases where unexpected causes were found

As a measure to attract customers , I think there are people who are not aware of SEO . At that time, Google the web master tool ( Google Search Console use), the home page is essential to understand the context in which it is searching for.

But what if the webmaster tools ( Google Search Console ) get a warning ? In fact, in the last few years, there have been a lot of cases where Google has done SEO that is not recommended and has been penalized by Google . A result, the home page is Google search results in, will lower the dramatic display order.

This time, I was able to hear the story of the person who actually received the warning, and asked about “when did you receive the penalty” and “the flow until the penalty is lifted”.

Please take a look if you are worried or as a preliminary knowledge to avoid penalties.

Case 1: Did you misunderstand that there were too many links in your favor?

We are a comprehensive media site that regularly publishes information about pets such as dogs and cats.

It’s been running for 10 years, and I wasn’t particularly aware of SEO until then . Even so, we have been steadily increasing the number of fans with the intention of providing polite information . But suddenly I got a warning from Google .

To be honest, I was confused. In particular, I haven’t done anything about SEO , and I remember taking measures such as ” incoming links that went too far, such as self-performing ( getting links to your own site ),” which is said to be malicious. Because there is none at all. I was just confused by the warnings from Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console ).

After that, I calmed down and first investigated the links from the outside .

However, there were no unnatural links like those set up by SEO companies . I can’t find anything that seems to be a problem. However, when I scrutinized it carefully, there were many links from the blog .

” What are the mass links from this blog !?”

From an external link , the 40% blog from the link had been occupied by you.

And the blog was a link from the user . Our home page has been reading, everyone else the user Some-like, the pet of the day-to-day blog also not a few who have written eagerly every day. Among them, there were many links to us as recommended sites .

I had an intuition that the link from this person might have been judged to be unnatural.

Thus, a user in like, the link you want to remove, contact is not carried out that, in favor links are just set up a blog as, links are URL was’ve listed. He then sent it to Google with the text, ” If you look at all the blogs , you’ll see that individual bloggers are kind enough to link to you.”

As a result, after a few days, the webmaster tools ( Google Search Console ) warning disappeared . It was the moment when I realized that the warning had been lifted. It is important to be loved by users , but it may have been misunderstood. With that in mind, I think it was good to report the current situation carefully.

Even now, while providing polite information, I do not miss regular checks of Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console ). Anyway, I was really relieved that the warning was canceled.

Case 2: Even though it is the president’s blog …

Case Home page : Corporate site

We, their service home page has been introduced in. In particular, does not mean selling something, very common home page is. In addition, we did not take any measures to attract customers or SEO, and the operation status was such that it was updated normally.

However, such our home page , the warning we have had to come.

Immediately, web master tool ( Google Search Console was confirmed in). However, at this point there were no links that seemed unnatural . It’s natural that I haven’t even asked such a vendor.

However, when I had an acquaintance look at it, he found that there were an unusually large number of links from a blog . It was our president’s blog !

Our representative blogs about the state of the company and his thoughts on management on a daily basis . However, if you take a closer look, at the end of each article, there was a company name link such as “○○○○ Co., Ltd.” as a recommended site .

“This is it!”

I instinctively. That is, the link from the company’s president’s blog should be fine. But this time, the representative was using a free blog from a provider . It looks even more like a suspicious link .

So we told the representative about our hypothesis and asked them to remove the link . Of course, depending on the application, I thought that there was a possibility that the penalty could be canceled without deleting the link , but since I have already deleted the link , “I can not think of any link other than my blog . Therefore, I deleted it.” I sent the content to Google .

As a result, I received a notification that the penalty was canceled immediately after sending .

Consideration: To cancel the warning, find out the details of the foreign link.

The above as it is considered from two cases, ” Google whether you understand the 100% Japanese even” or, “the operation of the deliberate search order” is that it does not have be clearly determined.

This means that even without unnatural links , it’s possible that one day you’ll suddenly get a warning or penalty from Google .
The following three points introduced this time may be applicable.

Google ‘s search engine is just a program , so it’s not 100% accurate. Even if it should happen, it is important to understand the current situation first.
As a result, if you have not intentionally taken measures against external links , please apply to Google to that effect .

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