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Successful case where EFO was performed and the application completion rate of the input form doubled

A small change in the design of the input form can make a big difference in operability.

In this article, we will introduce an example of performing input form optimization (EFO) and doubling the application completion rate.

Improvement result

[Before] Application completion rate 7%
[After] Application completion rate 16% CVR is more than doubled

[Improvement point 1] Insert an image that makes you imagine the experience in the first view
[Improvement point 2] Unify the design of the send button

[Improvement point 3]Change form title , description of registration time
[Improvement point 4] Appeal the strength of “suggestion in a minimum of 30 minutes”

[Improvement point 5] Clarify required items and optional items

STEP1 Challenge-The click rate of links in the e-mail newsletter is low!

Is the input form really simple?

This is an LP ( landing page ) of a bridal service that was previously operated, and is an LP aimed at matching (inquiries) between users who are thinking of getting married and a wedding hall. The design of the entire LP is mainly based on pink, and by posting photos of weddings, wedding halls, and actual staff, we paid attention to the design that makes it easy to have a concrete image.

On the other hand, the input lies ahead of the LP form is “home page had become a simple to make with different headlines that have been used already in.”

However, we found that only about 7% of the people who visited the input form completed it. Most people didn’t go through the page .

STEP2 Improvement-Verify the click rate by devising the title

Focus on form design gaps

This page a few of the transition rate, was considered as follows.

Therefore, the input form just before the page and, input form tried to improve to give a sense of unity to the design of. In particular, we reviewed the installation of the person image, the design of the send button, and the wording inside the send button in detail.

Improvement (1) Image

A portrait ( offer image) has been placed at the top of the input form . I devised a way to imagine the goal (the wedding hall was found and the ideal marriage was made) from the portrait ( offer image).

In addition, the send button has been changed to a more three-dimensional design (size, luster, shape, color). It is unified to the rounded button that is also used in LP.

Improvement (2) Text part

Changed the title text of the form . It also describes how long it will take to register. I tried to lower the psychological hurdle anyway. Changed the language from ” application form ” to “desired order sheet”. He wrote, “Registration takes only 60 seconds,” and emphasized that it can be done easily in a short amount of time.

He also emphasized the strengths and merits of proposing the desired wedding hall for users in as little as 30 minutes.

Improvement (3) Usability (usability)

Clarified required items and optional items. I took care not to get lost in the input.

STEP3 Consideration-Completion rate doubled

One month after the measure, we measured it again. Then, the completion rate of the input form improved from 7% to 16% . All the staff were excited to double the number. I learned that such careful consideration is important for improving the input form .

I was just focusing on attracting customers, such as eliminating the discomfort of the design part and maintaining the motivation of the users , but I felt that there was something I could do.

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