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Key points of inspection when using SNS

Recently, I’ve finally come into contact with SNS every day.

I sometimes use SNS at work, but when it’s private, it’s always a hassle to actively disseminate information.

Even so, recently, a woman in her early twenties has taught me how to interact with SNS, and I am enjoying doing it. The sensibility of young children is really amazing, and I can feel what I have learned in SNS courses.

In the future, when I receive a job request for SNS operation, I will basically leave it to a young child, and I will only check.

So this time, I will talk about checkpoints when operating SNS.

01 | Differences in SNS types and properties

There are three SNSs that I have used as a job.

(1) Twitter
users are mainly younger generations, and are characterized by extremely high diffusion in real time. Since it is highly anonymous, it is easy for users to get their true feelings, but there is also a risk of burning, such as negative opinions.

(2) Many Instagram
users are young women, and it is a medium suitable for expressing the world view with visuals such as images and videos. In recent years, rather than the Google search “guggul”, “Search from the tag of Instagram pull in a word Nante”.

(3) Facebook
Age groups are widely used by both men and women. The feature is that the profile is substantial and the real name is high. It can be said that the connection with the real community is also relatively strong.

02 | Checkpoints for SNS operation

Checkpoints aren’t as hard as they are, but I always check from the following perspectives before posting.
* I haven’t checked all the posts, but here! Is the time

it out of the theme or concept ?
・ Is the content aimed at the target?・ Is the posting date and time appropriate?
・Is it devised to be clicked or diffused?
・ Is the size and number of
images appropriate?・ The image is displayed Is the order in which they are done appropriate?
・Is the number and contents of tags appropriate?

In addition to the sensibility of young children doing actual work, I think that the accuracy will improve if you check according to these items.

03 | Summary

This time, I introduced the checkpoints when operating SNS.

However, there is no correct answer in the world of SNS, so I regularly use analysis tools to improve it through trial and error.

SNS marketing is deep, so I will continue to enjoy learning!

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