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Facebook page “general information” settings

Create a Facebook page and it’s not complete!

In order to operate the Facebook page , be sure to make additional settings, not just the standard settings. It is very important when running a Facebook page as a business, such as having multiple managers .

In this article, we will explain the important settings that should be set before operating the Facebook page .

In addition, log in to the Facebook page and click “Settings” at the top of the screen to start the settings.

Set general information for your Facebook page

In the general settings, you mainly make settings related to posting, such as publishing, permitting posting, and tagging . Here are some of the most important ones.

Disclosure range You can set whether to make the
Facebook page public or private. If the basic information of the page is not filled yet , set it to “Private”.

Set of post
user is Facebook page and the setting of whether or not it is possible to post f. You can enter comments even if you can’t post, so turn it off if you’re concerned about the risk of your news feed getting messed up. * If you want to prohibit comments, you can set from “Reply”.

Decide whether to display the “message button” directly to the message administrator. It will be a saucer for inquiries, so let’s set it. On the other hand, there should be no omissions in replying to messages, so be sure to check every day.

Tagging permissions Set whetherusers can freely tag photos posted on
Facebook pages . Tagging is a function that allows you to add the information “This photo is Mr. xx”. However, if you place importance on the risk of misuse such as advertising, turn it off.

Similar recommendations page
your Facebook page are similar and the type of industry, the user layer is like a page to the user pressing the “Like!” On their own Facebook page to display. It can be said that the chances of increasing “likes” will increase.

You can control prohibited words ( page moderation) and inappropriate expressions (filter of inappropriate words) in posts . In addition, you can limit the country to display and the age of the user, so if you have a clear target, you should check this as well.

Let’s set the page information of the Facebook page

Mainly make page- related settings such as Facebook page URL and description . Here are some of the most important ones.

Name You can set the name of the
Facebook page . Set the name in consideration of when the user looks up the service name / company name to see if there is another Facebook page with a similar name.
The Facebook page actually hits external searches such as Google search. It will be the name that will be displayed in the search results , so be careful when deciding on the target keyword.
However, it will take some time for the settings to be reflected, so we recommend that you do not change it if possible.

Information about start / establishment
You can set the date when the company was established, the sale of products / services started, and the time when you registered with Facebook. This is open information, so be sure to set whether it was established or born.

Simple explanation, detailed explanation In the
simple explanation, enter the introductory text within 155 characters, but in the details, enter the detailed text such as brand image and award history. The more information, the user can rest assured.

In addition, on Facebook pages such as actual places and stores , be sure to set contacts such as addresses and phone numbers to increase the number of contacts. Also, if there is a website or official website, be sure to set it. When setting page information, be sure to set the fields that can be set. Facebook pages with little information are unreliable and hard to like.

Let’s set the role of Facebook page

The role of the page
Let’s have multiple administrators just in case. There are multiple roles (roles / privileges), but the administrator is the one who can perform all operations, and the editor is the one who can modify posts and posts.

At a minimum, we will handle multiple “editor” privileges so that we can handle the risk of posting. You can easily add members by entering your email address and your name when using Facebook.


Creating a Facebook page is not the end.

By actively setting things such as posting, page information, and adding members for operation, the subsequent operation will be effective. Be sure to make these settings.

This is the point!

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