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What is “Unauthorized Click on Web Ads” that does not lead to 100% CV? I asked an operation professional about the actual situation and how to prevent it.

Web advertising that consumes the budget as much as it is clicked . Web ads , which are only charged when you visit an LP or website , seem to be an efficient ad that only delivers information to the right prospects . But on the other hand, did you know that these web ads have the weakness that “no matter who clicks on them, you will incur money” ?

In recent years, in the web advertising industry, “illegal clicks” , in which competitors and click agents repeatedly click on advertisements to exhaust their budget, have become a problem. This time, we asked Mr. Misaizu and Mr. Sato , who are developing web promotion business such as listing advertisement operation agency, about the current situation of fraudulent clicks and countermeasures.

What is “illegal clicks on web advertisements” that never lead to results?

<Mr. Misaizu, 3H>

You said that you are working on behalf of various clients in advertising operations. What does “illegal click” mean in the first place?

Mr. Misaizu: There are various types of
web advertisements , but in terms of listing advertisements , the daily budget is fixed, isn’t it? For example, if you set your budget to 10,000 yen, if you click 10,000 yen, the advertisement will not be displayed on that day. So how “it can be a customer user is that either lead to conversions collect click from” listing advertising world of.

At first glance, it seems like a very fair rule that money is generated just by clicking. But what if a malicious person deliberately clicks on an ad ? Even so, the budget is exhausted, so it costs money even though it does not lead to conversion at all, and since the advertisement is no longer displayed on that day, it can not be appealed to users who originally want to prompt clicks . These clicks are called “illegal clicks.”

I see. In other words, wasteful budget consumption and lost opportunities occur at the same time … Is there an industry where you are operating
advertisements and feel that there are many fraudulent clicks?

<Mr. Sato, 3H>

Mr. Sato: I feel that this is not the case in industries where the cost per
click is high. For example, there are many in clinics, real estate, rental offices, etc. Just because the cost per click is low does not mean that there are no fraudulent clicks.

Recently, too, until now click the unit price in the industry of about several tens of yen to several hundred yen, suddenly click bids There was a case such that the times. Of course, seasonal factors such as budget exhaustion near the end of the year are also possible, but looking at the data, the conversion rate is also declining across the board. If that happens, there is still the possibility of unauthorized clicks.

As mentioned in ” NHK Close-up Gendai + ” the other day , in recent years there have been cases where vendors have hired part-time workers to systematically carry out fraudulent clicks. So, regardless of the industry, there is a section that I think that fraudulent clicks will not disappear in the future.

The first step to prevent fraudulent clicks is “to be aware”

Is there any way to prevent unauthorized clicks?

Mr. Sato:
I think it is difficult to “prevent” unauthorized clicks from the beginning. It’s completely unpredictable who is clicking where.

What you can do as an ad operator is to exclude suspicious queries and specific IPs so that ads are not displayed. Obviously, if you notice that there are many clicks from a specific IP, many queries that feel strange, etc., you can deal with this.

So, the first step to prevent fraudulent clicks is to “notice fraud” .

Mr. Misaizu:
However, the reality is that it is difficult to notice such fraudulent clicks once you search with common keywords.

Regarding IP exclusion, I once manually investigated a considerable number of competing IPs and set exclusions, but it was very difficult. Once set, it is effective, but I find it difficult to deal with it due to limited resources.

Utilize “” that can automatically eliminate unauthorized clicks

What kind of measures does 3H take against unauthorized clicks?

Mr. Misaizu:
Of course, we check the data every day for suspicious movements and noticeable fluctuations, but we also propose the introduction of ” ” for clients who are suspected of unauthorized clicks. doing.

Misaizu : With the introduction of, AI will automatically determine “illegal clicks”. Until now, I had subjectively decided that “this is illegal, this is not illegal” and set exclusions, so the work speed is significantly faster than that.

In addition to that, it is also nice to be able to explain “There were so many illegal clicks this month” while showing the management screen to the client. The client says that it is easy to understand, and in fact, we have received a happy voice saying, “If you ask for advertising operation with 3H, will you see such details?”

Me: By including, it means that “illegal clicks are easier to see”.

That ‘s right. I think it was good that I was able to think about the next policy together after having people recognize that there are quite a few illegal clicks while looking at the management screen.

Of course, there is a numerical improvement by being able to properly exclude fraudulent clicks, but from the standpoint of an advertising operation agency like us, by showing the current situation of fraudulent clicks, we talk carefully with the client and three-legged race. It was also a big achievement that we were able to proceed with advertising operations . has a free plan, and it’s nice to be able to feel free to say, “Because it’s free, why don’t you take measures against unauthorized clicks for the time being?”Try to prevent fraudulent clicks for free

How many ads can be delivered to the users that the client wants

Lastly, please tell us what you are trying to do in the listing advertisement operation.

Mr. Misaizu: In
listing ads , it is important to advertise to the customers you are looking for. In terms of us, how many ads can be displayed to the users that the client wants .

For that purpose, “Exclude any people who are searching with unrelated search words”, ” Adjust the ad text while looking at competing ads “, “Review keywords”, ” Suggest improvement of LP”, etc. I think it is important to work honestly on such adjustments.

Mr. Sato:
That ‘s right. In order to reach the right users , I think it is necessary to reduce fraudulent clicks as mentioned earlier and prevent unnecessary budget exhaustion . In that sense, tools like that can be introduced for free are the savior of the cost-effectiveness of advertising . I want to improve the cost-effectiveness of advertising while making good use of it.Introduce a cost-effective savior

Mr. Sato: From a
broader perspective, I think it is necessary to identify the cause of the ineffectiveness. Even if you say that performance is slowing down or not improving, what is happening before that is different. The CV rate remains the same, but the cost per click is high and the CPA is soaring, and vice versa, for different reasons.

It may be possible to solve the problem with basic ad settings, but if that doesn’t help, it is important to consider external factors and other methods. Isn’t it seasonal, user trends, or other media than listings in the first place? It’s a story …

From the standpoint of an operation agency, I would like to listen carefully to the client’s story while looking at various factors from a bird’s-eye view, and make proposals from a broad perspective as a marketing partner.

Eliminating meaningless fraudulent clicks is the starting line for advertising operations

In 3H, while introducing and operating listing advertisements , it seems that they have faced a case where 900 clicks are made from the same IP address in a month . In order to prevent fraudulent clicks that may be wasting 30% of your advertising budget, you need a way to notice and eliminate these frauds.

With, once the initial settings are complete, unauthorized clicks can be detected and eliminated automatically. It’s free to install, so if you don’t know how many fraudulent clicks you have on your ads , set it up now.

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