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Promote your app in the “App Campaign” of “Google Advertising”

Google search and YouTube, Google such as Play Google in the use of related sites, particular smartphone app encourage the installation of ad you may see the. This is one of the menus in ” Google Ads ” and is called ” App Campaign “.

You can also use this menu to promote your app and encourage more internet users to install it.

In this article, we will explain the basic knowledge of the ” Google Ads App Campaign ” and the procedure for advertising for those who want to promote their apps more on the Web .

What is an “app campaign” for Google ads?

[Fig. 1] Google Ads ” App Campaign ” ad sample

“The smartphone Google Play” and “YouTube”, ” Google in the use of and search”, a specific smartphone, as in [Figure 1] application for induction to the ad you may see the.

This is one of the ” Google Ads ” menus, ” App Campaign “.

Net user specific smartphone for the app to advertise, for the purpose of encouraging the installation, company Google for the ad is displayed what you are advertising, it means that.

Anyone who knows how to use the ” App Campaign ” menu in ” Google Ads ” can post this.

I OS app , Android app can be either promote, their application and similar application of high interest to the user automatically reach.

For example, cooking recipes in-house application and operates a, this ” app campaign if was advertising the” net user is Google “recipe in the search application automatically when you search and such” advertising has become a mechanism to display the I will.

In other words, it is an advertising menu that will develop more users who are likely to like your app .

What kind of problem can you solve?

This ” app campaign ” can mainly solve the following issues.

(1 ) Increase the number of installed apps ( do not track subsequent user behavior)

(2 ) Improving user behavior within the app (example: completing product orders for EC apps , clearing specific levels for game apps, etc.)

However, it is not possible to set both goals (1) and (2) above in one posting. It is necessary to make settings at the time of separate posting, such as “Aim only for ① in the first posting” and “Aim for ② in the next posting”.

Where is it displayed on the web?

When you place this ” app campaign “, where will the advertisement be displayed on the web ?

① Google search

First, it will be displayed on the Google search results screen, and then on the search results screen of Google search partners .

Google search partners are a number of non- Google websites that are affiliated with Google , with hundreds of them. Advertisements will also appear on these partner sites to extend your reach to net users .

Search results on the screen, advertising company has been advertising the app will be displayed when retrieved with high affinity keyword.

For example, a game application the ad If you’re advertising, the user is a mechanism that is displayed when you search such as “adventure games”.

② Google Play

Ads are also displayed in the app store ” Google Play” mainly for Android users .

  • Google Play search results
  • Related apps section of Google Play : “Recommended apps “, ” Related to this app “
  • Google Play Top Page : “Recommended”

This is also displayed when you search for keywords that are highly relevant to your app .

In addition, its application very similar to the app details page to view the user will also be displayed.

③ YouTube

” App Campaign ” ads will also appear on related pages and content within YouTube .

Your ad will appear where it’s most likely to be clicked or your app downloaded.

④ Google Display Network

For example, it will be displayed on the screen of Gmail , the advertisement display field in other apps , and mobile sites such as news sites and blogs .

What is the procedure for posting?

Then, I will tell you what kind of procedure should be taken concretely for posting with sample examples.

① Log in to “Google Advertising”

Log in to “Google Ads” with your Google account and go to “Create a new campaign “> ” App promotion”.

② Select the campaign type and specify the app you want to promote

Here, as an example , select ” App Install” as the subtype of the campaign . Then specify the company app you want to promote .

③ Campaign name, target area, user language setting

For the ” campaign name” , give it a title that is easy for you to manage .
“Target area” and ” User ‘s language” can be set including overseas. If you want to reach overseas users , you will need to create and upload a foreign language ad text later when setting ad keywords .

④ Enter the budget

⑤ Set the promotion start date and end date

Set the promotion start date and end date. If you don’t specify an end date, your ad will continue to run. The promotion period can be set for a very short period of time, such as “one day only”.

⑥ Enter the advertisement text

Create and enter an ad headline or description.

The advertisement text can be up to 30 characters for the headline and 90 characters for the description, and up to 5 patterns can be registered for each.

The advertisement text and headline text that you entered in the previous section are displayed by considering the optimum combination by Google ‘s machine learning.

In addition to the advertisement text, images and videos to convey the world view of the app more attractively can be registered in this process.

⑦ Confirmation of account information, payment information, etc.

After completing the above items, check your Google account information, payment information, etc. and click “Send” to proceed to the ad review process. Advertising will start as soon as the screening is OK .

How do you confirm the results after posting?

After your ad starts running, you’ll be able to see your performance report.
The procedure for checking the report is as follows.

① Log in to ” Google Ads ” with your Google account and click ” App Campaign “.

② Go to ” Ad group” and click the name of the ad group you want to check . You can check the number of clicks, the number of impressions, the cost of posting so far, etc. for the advertised advertisement .

What if I have questions about posting?

① Use the “Google Advertising Help” portal

A portal site for publishers called “Google AdHelp” is open to the public.
If you have any questions about posting, first search for what you want to know here and read the commentary articles provided by Google so far .

② Ask questions from yourself in the “help community”

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in ( 1) ” Google Ads Help,” try asking yourself what you want to hear in the “Help Community .” You may get answers from other users .

③ Throw the troubled content in “Inquiry”

If you still have problems after trying ①②, please use “Inquiry”

Create opportunities to appeal your smartphone app to potential users who could not reach until now

Smartphone in-house app if you already have an asset that, in a surprisingly simple steps, and even from a relatively small budget, is what it is propaganda for the installation promotion.
Since you can advertise throughout Google ‘s advertising network, it will be an opportunity to appeal the existence of your own application to potential users who could not reach until now . Their application me like the user to develop, please go to lead to the growth of the business.

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